How reliable is a Honda Shadow 750?

How reliable is a Honda Shadow 750?

Is the Honda Shadow 750 Reliable? Yes, the Honda Shadow 750 is a very reliable motorcycle. It has very few problems and embodies Honda’s reputation for building reliable and innovative vehicles. One of the reasons the Shadow 750 is such a popular choice for new riders is because of the renowned reliability of Honda.

Are Honda Shadows good starter bikes?

The Honda Shadow is an excellent beginner bike. Its has enough power to be exciting, but not enough to be dangerous. Its low center of gravity and low seat height inspire confident handling. Finally its low cost of ownership makes the Shadow one of the best choices for your first ride!

Is the Honda Shadow 750 fuel injected?

As of 2011, the Shadow brand has been limited to a single 750 cc cruiser available in Spirit, Aero, Phantom, and RS trims. All other offers are known under the VTX or Rebel brands. The RS and Phantom are the 2 latest additions to the 750 cc line-up from year 2010. Both are Fuel injected.

When did the Honda Shadow 750 come out?

The Shadow 750 established Honda at the forefront of a cruiser movement that grew to become the most popular motorcycle genre in history. As with almost all landmark Hondas, the 1983 Shadow 750’s most enduring contribution is the inspiration it provided for future Shadows.

Is the Honda Shadow VT750 a good bike?

Our Honda Shadow VT750 owners’ reviews show fairly positive scores, with the main negative point being that it’s an uncomfortable bike for pillion riders. The Honda VT750C Shadow sits comfortably in the market, fairly priced amongst its competitors.

What kind of engine does Honda VT 750C have?

Make Model Honda VT 750C Shadow Year 1986 – Engine Four stroke, 45° V-twin, SOHC, 3 valves Capacity 745 cc / 45.7 cu-in Bore x Stroke 79.5 x 75.5 mm

When did the Honda VT750 DC come out?

VT750 C2: 1997 until 2001, it was basically the same as the original but had twin rear shocks and telescopic forks. VT750 DC: 2000 – 2004, it was a stripped down version with similar specs to the C and C2 bikes but weighed less and had more ground clearance.

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