Is chapeltown a nice area?

Is chapeltown a nice area?

Chapeltown is one of the more desirable areas in the whole of South Yorkshire due to it’s location, amenities, transport links, schools. It enjoys a solid mix of reputable local business’ including beauty salons, entertainment centres, restaurants and public houses.

Is Chapeltown in Leeds or Sheffield?

Chapeltown is a suburb of north-east Leeds, in West Yorkshire, England. It is part of the Leeds City Council Ward of Chapel Allerton. It is approximately one mile north of Leeds city centre. Chapeltown was the scene of rioting, with disturbances in 1975, 1981 and 1987.

Is chapeltown a deprived area?

4 in 10 of the Chapeltown LCP population are living in the most deprived fifth of Leeds, but the rest of the population are experiencing very different levels of deprivation, including the least deprived parts of Leeds.

What is a chapeltown?

Chapeltown is a suburb of north-east Leeds, in West Yorkshire, England, and is the centre of the city’s British African-Caribbean community. Along with neighbouring Harehills, Chapeltown has in the past suffered from rioting, with disturbances in 1975, 1981 and 1987.

What are the worst areas in Sheffield?

That was followed by the Grimesthorpe area and its surroundings, where 69 reports of violent and sexual crimes were made in the same period. Shirecliffe, Southey Green and the surrounding area reported the third-most offences with 66 reported incidents, followed by Gleadless and its surroundings with 59 reports.

Is Chapel Allerton safe?

Chapel Allerton lies within the Inner North East policing area, which also includes Roundhay, Chapeltown and Oakwood. In Chapel Allerton, there were 77 incidents of crime in November 2015, compared to 85 in Chapeltown. As part of the wider area, Inner North East is one of the safest parts of Leeds.

Is Chapeltown Leeds still a red light district?

However, Chapeltown had unequivocally become the city’s red light district by the 1970s. She survived, but two of his other victims – Emily Jackson and Irene Richardson – were killed after being picked up a short distance away on Roundhay Road, which had also become a red light district.

How many black people are in Leeds?


Ethnic Group 2001 2011
Number Number
Asian or Asian British: Total 35,737 58,243
Black or Black British: Caribbean 6,718 6,728
Black or Black British: African 2,435 14,894

What is the population of Chapeltown Sheffield?

Chapeltown, South Yorkshire

Chapeltown Location within Sheffield
Population 10,043
Civil parish Ecclesfield
Metropolitan borough City of Sheffield

Is potternewton rough?

A lot of “potternewton” is just chapeltown, and hte rough bit of chapeltown at that.

Where is Chapeltown in the West Riding of Yorkshire?

Chapeltown is a large village and suburb of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. It is part of the Parish of Ecclesfield. It is historically within the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Where is Chapeltown in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England?

Chapeltown is a large village and suburb of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England.

Which is the nearest railway station to Chapeltown?

Chapeltown railway station is served by the Penistone Line and Hallam Line. Two junctions of the M1 motorway also serve the area. The A6135 road passes through the town from north to south and is joined near the town centre by the A629 road from the south-east and the B6546 road from the west.

What did Chapeltown, South Yorkshire do for a living?

Initially they were an iron works specialising in cast iron products, but over time the company expanded into related mining industries and products from the fractional distillation of coal, including the Izal disinfectant range. In the Second World War they produced Churchill tanks.

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