Is Katelyn Ohashi still competing?

Is Katelyn Ohashi still competing?

In ESPN’s 2019 Body Issue, she opened up about her struggles with body image and disordered eating, and though she no longer competes, Ohashi has become an advocate for mental health awareness in the sport.

What nationality is Katelyn Ohashi?

Katelyn Ohashi/Nationality

What is Katelyn Ohashi famous for?

Katelyn Ohashi is a 21-year-old American gymnast, gifted with great talent and a passion for gymnastics and dance, which has led her in recent years to become a queen of social media, as well as a great gymnast.

Who is Katelyn Ohashi and what did she do?

Katelyn Michelle Ohashi (born April 12, 1997) is an American former artistic gymnast who competed for the University of California, Los Angeles. She is a six-time All-American and was a four-time member of USA Gymnastics ‘ Junior National Team, the 2011 junior national champion and the winner of the 2013 American Cup.

What kind of gymnast is Katelyn Ohashi from UCLA?

Best known for tumbling into the perfect drop split, and bouncing back up with the look of sheer joy on her face, Katelyn Ohashi practically broke the internet with her viral floor routine that earned multiple 10.0 scores, and got people talking about something other than abuse, in the gymnastics space. The UCLA gymnast is no stranger to winning.

How tall is Katelyn Ohashi height and weight?

Katelyn has managed to keep her personal life private; therefore, there is no information whether Ohashi is dating someone or not. Ohashi is 147 cm tall. ”I am my own size, and no words or judgmental stares will make me compromise.”

How many perfect 10s does Katelyn Ohashi have?

For the 2016-2017 season, she received two perfect 10s and finished the regular season at No. 1 on Balance Beam. At the 2019 Collegiate Challenge, Ohashi earned a Perfect 10 for a floor routine. A video with her performance went viral – it had more than 100 million views on YouTube and over 44 million views on Twitter.

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