Is Rashidi Yekini alive?

Is Rashidi Yekini alive?

Deceased (1963–2012)
Rashidi Yekini/Living or Deceased

Where is Rashidi Yekini from?

Kaduna, Nigeria
Rashidi Yekini/Place of birth

How old is Rashidi Yekini?

48 years (1963–2012)
Rashidi Yekini/Age at death

How did Okwaraji died?

Congestive heart failure
Samuel Okwaraji/Cause of death
He collapsed and died of congestive heart failure in the 77th minute of a World Cup qualification match against Angola at the Lagos National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos State on 12 August 1989.

What kills Rasheed Yekini?

May 4, 2012
Rashidi Yekini/Date of death

How many goals did Rashidi Yekini scored for Nigeria?

37 goals
Scoring 37 goals for Nigeria in 62 appearances, Yekini is the national record goalscorer.

Which state is Peter Rufai from?

Lagos, Nigeria
Peter Rufai

Personal information
Date of birth 24 August 1963
Place of birth Lagos, Nigeria
Height 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)
Position(s) Goalkeeper

Is it true that India beat Nigeria 99 1?

The Green Eagles of Nigeria had been walloped 99-1 by a little known India team. It was an unforgettable day and a football match that ended India’s football journey as they were banned by FIFA, the world football governing body, for scoring too many goals, allegedly for using voodoo in a friendly soccer match.

At what age did Sam Okwaraji died?

25 years (1964–1989)
Samuel Okwaraji/Age at death

Did Nigeria ever win World Cup?

Nigeria’s campaign in the 2014 FIFA World Cup opened with a disappointing 0–0 draw against Iran. Four days later the team played their second game against Bosnia and Herzegovina. A controversial 29th-minute Peter Odemwingie goal gave Nigeria their first World Cup win since 1998.

Who scored the first World Cup goal?

Lucien Laurent
In the first round, France’s Lucien Laurent scored the first-ever World Cup goal. In its second game, France lost to Argentina 1-0 amid controversy over the referees ending the game six minutes early.

What is Peter Rufai nickname?

Peter Rufai (Dodo Mayana) Goalkeepers usually derive their names from how safe their hands are but ironically the great Peter Rufai was nicknamed Dodo Mayana, the name of a popular dancer with the legendary Afro Beat king, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

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