Is Reni Santoni still alive?

Is Reni Santoni still alive?

Deceased (1938–2020)
Reni Santoni/Living or Deceased

Who played Poppie on Seinfeld?

Reni Santoni
Los Angeles, California, U.S. Reni Santoni (April 21, 1938 – August 1, 2020) was an American film, television and voice actor. He was noted for playing Poppie on the television sitcom Seinfeld, Tony Gonzales in Cobra, and Chico González in Dirty Harry.

How old is actor Reni Santoni?

82 years (1938–2020)
Reni Santoni/Age at death

Who played Mr Griswold on GREY’s anatomy?

Reni Santoni played Alan Griswold in the season two Grey’s Anatomy episode Something to Talk About.

Will Clint Eastwood do another Dirty Harry movie?

Even though far more people believe in Sasquatch and Reptilians than in the chance that a Dirty Harry 6 starring Clint Eastwood would see the light of day, the man himself finally killed the fledgling rumors for good. “That is not correct,” said Eastwood. …

Who played Ernie Wilson in The Odd Couple?

Ernie: Reni Santoni. Felix: Tony Randall. Oscar: Jack Klugman.

Who is pregnant on GREY’s anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy star Kelly McCreary has shared some exciting news with fans by announcing she is pregnant with her first child! The actress, who plays Dr. Maggie Pierce, took to Instagram on Monday to announce that she and husband Pete Chatmon are “thrilled” to be expanding their family.

Why did the heart catch on fire in GREY’s anatomy?

Kimberly had had several heart surgeries before, so when she had to have another one, they advised her that they couldn’t stop her heart because it was too dangerous. Before her surgery, her husband, whom she treated poorly, snapped and yelled at her. During her surgery, her chest cavity caught on fire.

What was the cause of death for Reni Santoni?

Reni Santoni, the actor best known for his roles in Dirty Harry and Seinfeld ‘s Poppie the pizza chef, has died. He was 81. The actor died on Saturday from natural causes after several months in hospice care in Los Angeles, his friend Tracy Newman, a musician and TV writer and producer, told PEOPLE on Monday.

When did Reni Santoni become a voice actor?

Santoni in 1973. New York City, New York, U.S. Reni Santoni (born April 21, 1939) is an American film, television and voice actor.

When did Steve Martin and Reni Santoni work together?

Reiner and Santoni worked together again in 1982’s Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid which also starred Steve Martin. Santoni’s career also extended to television, including guest appearances in shows such as Hawaii Five-O, Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue and Miami Vice. Santoni is survived by his son, Nick, according to The Wrap.

When did Reni Santoni appear on the Odd Couple?

Santoni made guest appearances on television shows such as Barnaby Jones, Lou Grant, Hawaii Five-O, Hardcastle and McCormick, Hill Street Blues, The Odd Couple and Midnight Caller. In 1973, Santoni played a junior partner on Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law.

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