Is rust good for wedges?

Is rust good for wedges?

A rusty wedge may also have a lower resale value too. That said, raw rusty wedges do have some cosmetic advantages. The rusty face definitely reduces glare from the sun and also shows up your strike pattern.

What is a trusty rusty?

For 2012 Cobra is bringing back the “Trusty Rusty” wedge. It comes in 4 versions. A black PVD finish over raw, so it will rust over time, an entire head pre-rusted, a satin finish with rusty grooves and a giant “trusty rusty” head designed for maximum forgiveness.

What is a tri bounce wedge?

The laser precision technology allows for maximum spin so you can put your shots right up on the green. The Tri-Bounce sole with rear scallop lets you make flop shots from various distances. This outstanding design enables you to receive three bounces in one grind.

Why do pros use raw wedges?

They are meant to oxidize and rust over time, as many tour pros believe it creates more spin, allowing them to get that important grip on a shot when they need it.

Do raw wedges wear out faster?

Ger21: “Raw steel is softer than chrome plating, so raw wedges will scratch and scuff more than chrome, and potentially wear faster. But if you keep them clean, you should easily get 10 years or more out of them at 12 rounds/year.

Do pros use high bounce wedges?

Many PGA Tour pros mix and match high- and low-bounce wedges to best handle various scenarios around the greens. They’ll even change their wedges week to week, depending on course conditions and types of grass.

Do raw wedges wear faster?

Typically wedges with a raw finish wear much faster than chrome or other coated wedges, but with the new process developed by Bob Vokey and the Titleist team, that problem is a thing of the past: “Raw means there is no additional finish applied to the wedge, which is made of 8620 carbon steel.

Can you clean golf clubs with Coke?

Coca-Cola has the ability to dissolve rust, but can also damage the club if left exposed for long periods of time. It is best to soak the club in Coca-Cola for only a few minutes at a time. Again, use a small brush to scrape clean the rust.

Which is the best Cobra Trusty Rusty wedge?

The 61 degree Trusty Rusty is the trustiest and by far the oldest clubs in my bag (older than my Titleist DCI 990 irons), and it will not leave until the wearing of its grooves sends it to a well-earned retirement. Low bounce and great feel make this my go-to club around the greens where I normally play.

Which is better rusty or plated golf wedges?

Rusty wedges do not offer an increased amount of spin compared to wedges with a plated, finished coating. Many golfers prefer the look and appearance of a rusted wedge because it minimizes the suns glare at address and allows a better feel for the grind of the club.

How to get rust out of a golf wedge?

How Do You Un-Rust a Wedge 1 You can use steel wool sponge and scrape down your wedge 2 You can use a bottle of coke and pour that into a bowl to soak your wedge. (Kind of disturbing that we drink this stuff) 3 You cover your wedge in ketchup and the salt/vinegar will eat away at the rest to get your wedge back to the RAW steel look.

What does raw mean on a golf wedge?

What is a RAW wedge? A RAW style, or wedge that can rust, is a wedge that has an unfinished coating and is without the protective chrome that covers other wedges. This idea for leaving the wedge “unfinished” was founded by wedge designer Roger Cleveland when he created a line of wedges for tour players.

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