Is Sikorsky S-76 safe?

Is Sikorsky S-76 safe?

Sikorsky Aircraft “Class A” accident records. Sikorsky has records of S-76 Class A accidents from 1980 to the present. An S-76 Class A accident is any acci- dent resulting in a fatality or damage greater than US$1 million. The Sikorsky records provided the source for non-U.S. accidents.

How many Sikorsky S-76 have crashed?

The worldwide fleet of S-76 helicopters flew 760,434 hours in 1994 through 1997. There were 13 Class-A accidents; the accident rate was 1.71 accidents per 100,000 flight hours. Seven accidents resulted in at least one fatality; the fatal accident rate was 0.92 per 100,000 flight hours.

Is the S-76 a single pilot aircraft?

The S-76D aircraft can be certified for single pilot IFR and, to ensure safety, all S-76D helicopters are equipped with EGPWS, combined cockpit voice recorder / flight data recorder, and 406 MHz ELT. TCAS1 is also available as an option.

How much does a Sikorsky S-76 cost?

Sikorsky S-76D Specs

Price New $15M
Year Started 2013
Year Ended In Production

Did Kobe own the helicopter that crashed?

The basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven other people were killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday. The helicopter was owned and operated by a company called Island Express, Federal Aviation Administration records show, and was previously owned by the state of Illinois.

What kind of plane was Kobe Bryant in when he died?

Sikorsky S-76B
In fact, the helicopter involved in the crash – a Sikorsky S-76B – was the same machine that transported Bryant to his final game with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016.

What kind of plane was Kobe in when he died?

In fact, the helicopter involved in the crash – a Sikorsky S-76B – was the same machine that transported Bryant to his final game with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016. Cress said the Sikorsky S-76 is generally well-regarded among pilots and has a strong safety record over decades of use.

How high can a Sikorsky S-76 fly?

Performance. The S-76 can fly at a maximum speed of 287km/h. The ferry range and service ceiling of the helicopter are 639km and 4.572m respectively. The maximum takeoff weight of the S-76 is 5,306kg while the empty weight is 3,177kg.

How fast can a Sikorsky S-76 fly?

178 mph
Sikorsky S-76/Top speed
The Sikorsky S-76B shares many of the characteristics of the earlier S-76 models, including an all-glass cockpit, a dual digital autopilot, fully integrated avionics and a flight management system. The Sikorsky S-76B can accommodate up to 14 passengers, including 2 pilots and has a maximum speed of 178 mph (155 kts).

How fast is a Sikorsky S 76?

Sikorsky S-76/Top speed

What kind of helicopter is the Sikorsky’s 76?

Manufacturered as: KEYSTONE S-76 SIKORSKY S-76 SIKORSKY S-76 Spirit SIKORSKY Spirit SIKORSKY AUH-76 SIKORSKY Eagle SIKORSKY H-76 Eagle SIKORSKY S-76 Description The Sikorsky S-76 is an American multi-purpose medium-size commercial helicopter.

What kind of training is available for Sikorsky S-76D?

Online, instructor-led ground school training is available for the Sikorsky S-76D through FlightSafety’s LiveLearning. This flexible delivery is ideal for complex training at a distance. FlightSafety pioneered FAA Level D full flight simulation for helicopters.

What kind of audio control panel does Sikorsky S-76D have?

Dual Cobham 380 Audio control panels with ICS and VOX plus three maintenance jacks, one in the cabin and two in the baggage compartment.

What kind of support does Sikorsky offer?

Sikorsky offers signature level support that only Sikorsky is able to provide. It includes flexible Pilot and Maintenance Training along with vari- ous support services such as Total Assurance Plans (TAP) and Powertrain Assurance Plans (PAP) that will allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of this aircraft.

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