Is the age of wushu a free to play game?

Is the age of wushu a free to play game?

Age of Wushu Age of Wushu is a free-to-play martial arts MMORPG featuring skill-based progression and an ancient Chinese setting. Experience a true Wuxia world as you join up with a sect, hone your skills in the martial arts school of your choice and become the ultimate martial arts master.

Can you become a legendary Wushu master in age of Wushu?

Enter Age of Wushu, a game where the spirit and essence of such movies are captured in the game itself. You are able to perform all of these amazing feats yourself, and become a legendary Wushu master! Character Development – In game, players are introduced to the cultivation conversion system.

How do you leave the age of Wushu?

Joining one is easy. Members can leave by betrayal, finishing training, or in disguise. Each Reclusive Faction teaches 2 Internal Skills, 2 Martial Arts skill sets, and has 6 identity outfits. The joining difficulty is average. Members can leave by betrayal or graduation.

How does the random encounter list work age of Wushu?

However, it often gives little hint as to what you will receive – and the effort often doesn’t correspond to the reward. Hence, here is a list of the names and what rewards they give. The “item rank” is a column for sorting purposes, making it easier to quickly check the best and worst items (and their characters).

How many skill sets do you need in age of Wushu?

4th skill set requires items from school instance, not school certificates. *Also 1-3 skill sets are mainly external damage, hence brawn based. While 4th skill sets is internal damage, which means breath and spirit should be focused on. 1. When cn server started character could have 4 meridians active at the same time.

What does Wushu stand for in Chinese martial arts?

If the term WuShu is new to you, it is the Chinese term for martial arts. If you are a big fan of movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero, where characters leap into the sky and on to buildings showcasing their gravity defying feats and martial arts prowess, then you’re familiar with Wushu.

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