Is there a sequel to Beyblade V Force?

Is there a sequel to Beyblade V Force?

Beyblade: V-Force (Japanese: 爆転シュートベイブレード2002, Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002) is the second season of the Original Series and overall, the second anime series of the Beyblade anime. It is the sequel to the anime, Beyblade 2000, and is followed by Beyblade: G-Revolution .

Is there a video game based on Beyblade?

A video game based on it was released called Beyblade: V-Force – Super Tournament Battle . At the start of the season, the Bladebreakers had split up. Each encountered a mysterious hooded blader who defeated them (except for Kai, who had a draw with his opponent).

What was the reaction to Beyblade V Force?

V-Force was released to a mixed reception. One of the most notable being the change of artstyle, which differed greatly to the previous series, which had featured art more closely like the mangas style. For the most part, a lot of the characters looked younger then season 1, despite them being a year older.

What to do if you Cant get Beyblade G-Revolution right?

If you can’t get it right, don’t give up! Keep practising and soon it will come naturally.

What happens at the end of Beyblade Burst Turbo episode 28?

Taiga becomes aware of Aiger’s corruption, confirming his worst fear. Phi challenges Aiger to a regular match to see the extent of his darkness. BEYBLADE BURST TURBO Episode 28 – Valt vs Aiger! Phi and Aiger’s match at the end of the episode takes place during a type of total lunar eclipse called a ”Blood moon”.

Where is Hot Rock in Beyblade V Force?

Hot Rock (ニューヨーク 謎の石版, The Mysterious Slate in New York) is the twenty-eighth episode of Beyblade: V-Force . The Bladebreakers are en route to New York city, where Max’s mother Judy is expected to fix their beyblades from the damage they suffered at the Psykick’s building.

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