Was Ric Flair the Black Scorpion?

Was Ric Flair the Black Scorpion?

The Scorpion was unmasked to reveal Ric Flair. According to Flair, it would have been either himself or Barry Windham. Flair volunteered thinking the gimmick wouldn’t hurt him, whereas it could Windham, who recently portrayed an imposter Sting at Halloween Havoc on October 27.

Where are black scorpions found?

The black scorpion (Heterometrus longimanus, of the family Scorpionidae), or the Asian forest scorpion, is a resident of tropical Asian regions. Black scorpions typically live under logs and other natural debris.

Do emperor scorpions have venom?

Even when stinging in defense, adults may not inject venom. Though large in size, this species is not considered dangerous to humans. Nonetheless, they are venomous.

Who is the Black Scorpion in Pro Wrestling?

The Black Scorpion debuted in the ring against Sting for his title at Clash of the Champions XII on September 5, 1990. The wrestler playing him this time was Al Perez, who, according to Ric Flair, was supposed to remain the Black Scorpion until his unmasking — that is, before he quit.

Who are the members of the Black Scorpion?

Wrestlers who played The Black Scorpion 1 Ole Anderson 2 Al Perez 3 Jeff Ellis 4 Wild Bill Irwin 5 David Sheldon 6 Ric Flair 7 Stan Pain 8 Barry Windham 9 Matt “the Cowboy” Hunter 10 Jumping Joey Janela 11 Randy Colley aka Moondog Rex More

When did the Black Scorpion appear in WCW?

In August 1990, The Black Scorpion debuted in WCW (it was still under the NWA banner at this time) in vignettes taunting NWA World Heavyweight Champion Sting. He wore a hooded robe so nobody could see his face and told Sting he was after him. The wrestler playing this part was Ole Anderson.

Who are the guys under the Black Scorpion mask?

The Black Scorpion was a masked WCW gimmick meant to be a former friend/ally/partner of Sting. The Stinger was involved in a lot of proto-cinematic stuff during his surfer phase, so this wasn’t unusual. The guys who have been under the mask included Ole Anderson, Al Perez, The Angel of Death, Jeff Ellis, and eventually Ric Flair.

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