What age is Silver Cross Surf for?

What age is Silver Cross Surf for?

Suitable for

Child age (approx) Birth to 3 years
Child weight Up to 15kg

What car seats are compatible with Silver Cross Surf?

The Silver Cross Surf Maxi-Cosi Adaptor Set can be used with the Surf pushchair and pram system, they quickly attach onto the Surf chassis, allowing you to easily attach your Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix car seat.

Will a buggy board fit a Silver Cross Surf?

The perfect ride on buggy board for an older child, the Surf Board connects effortlessly to your Surf in seconds with no extra fixings needed.

How heavy is the silver cross pioneer?

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 11.8kg
Dimensions H:98cm–107cm W:60cm L:90cm
Dimensions (folded) H:34cm W:60cm L:86cm

Does the Silver Cross Wave recline?

It has 3 recline positions, including lying flat. We had a forward-facing pram for her when she was a baby, but we haven’t tried one since, so it was a real novelty to push her facing me, and an enjoyable one. When used in single mode the seat unit can carry a child up to 25kg in weight.

Is Silver Cross Compatible with Maxi Cosi?

Adaptors for the Silver Cross Wayfarer and Pioneer pushchairs, compatible with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, Rock and Pebble infant carriers.

Can you turn Silver Cross Wayfarer into a double?

No, The Wave and the Coast are the only Silver Cross travel systems which are designed to carry a second child, unfortunately components from other Silver Cross travel systems are not interchangeable nor compatible with the Wave or Coast chassis.

Is Silver Cross Good?

An ultra-stylish, well-made pushchair from a trusted brand, with one of the best carrycots on the market. Silver Cross is a well-known British brand that dates back to 1877 – although it’s currently known for its Royal connections after Kate Middleton chose the Sleepover Elegance for Prince George.

What kind of brand is Silver Cross surf?

Great British brand, Silver Cross, has evolved throughout the last four decades to compete side by side with all the contemporary brands. The Surf is a demonstration of Silver Cross at the top of their game, combining the quality for which they are renowned with modern, sharp, design.

Is the Silver Cross surf a pushchair or buggy?

The Silver Cross Surf is a pushchair that I have wanted to try out for a while! I was very excited when the day came to open the box. First out of the box was a teeny tiny chassis!!! The chassis is dinky with no wheels on. Even with wheels on, the chassis is still pretty flat, very neat and small, and light.

Is the Silver Cross surf 3 a showtopper?

A showstopper buggy that looks and feels high quality and that comes with all the extras you might not even think you need. The Surf 3 is well-packaged which can mean the difference between arriving unbroken and intact. I chose the grey which looked understated, classy and not too fussy. What’s new about the Surf 3?

How does Silver Cross surf travel system work?

The air-filled tyres and springy suspension make this buggy smooth to push. As a 4-wheeled urban buggy it easily moves around obstacles and mounts kerbs. It passed my supermarket test in manoeuvrability – namely one hand pushing the buggy and the other holding the basket – with flying colours.

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