What agricultural products are grown in Texas?

What agricultural products are grown in Texas?

Texas is the top producer of cotton, hay, sheep, goats, mohair and horses. Some of the state’s top crops also vegetables, citrus, corn, wheat, peanuts, pecans, sorghum and rice. Texas is one of the leading exporters of agricultural commodities.

What are the top 10 agricultural commodities in Texas?

Top 10 commodities in terms of market value in 2017:

  • Cattle, $12.3 billion.
  • Cotton, $2.6 billion.
  • Milk, $2.1 billion.
  • Broilers, $2.9 billion.
  • Corn, $1.2 billion Greenhouse & nursery, $1.3 billion.
  • Forestry, $859 million.
  • Greenhouse, $838 million.
  • Eggs, $506 million.

What are the top 5 agricultural exports in Texas?

Beef, feed grains, poultry and wheat rounded out the top five agricultural exports from the Lone Star State.

What are the top 5 commodities in Texas?

In terms of revenue generated, Texas’s top five agricultural products are beef cattle and calves, cotton, broilers (young chickens), greenhouse and nursery products, and diary products.

What are the maps of Agriculture in Texas?

He noted the maps also show how those agricultural appraisals change over space based on regional specialties. The maps also show more regional aspects of agriculture-related production in Texas. This map shows how the agricultural production of timber is prominent in East Texas. (Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute graphic)

What are the major products of the state of Texas?

What Are Major Products of Texas? Major products in Texas are agricultural crops, including livestock such as beef cattle, calves and young broiler chickens; cotton, greenhouse and nursery products also rank at the top in terms of amount of revenue generated.

What does the Texas Department of Agriculture do?

You may not know it, but the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) touches your life almost every day. From the grocery store you visited today to the salsa you’re eating at dinner, TDA was there to help. From the healthy lunches at your child’s school to the scales used to weigh your luggage at the airport, TDA was there, too.

How many farms and ranches are there in Texas?

Texas leads the nation in number of farms and ranches, with 248,416 farms and ranches covering 127 million acres. Of 408,506 producers in Texas 37% are women. For 36% of producers in Texas, farming is their primary occupation.

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