What are 10 x 30 binoculars?

What are 10 x 30 binoculars?

Canon’s 10×30 IS II feature a refined optical system designed to provide a 10x angle of view with remarkably compact optics. With an objective lens effective diameter of 30mm/1.18 in., the 10×30 IS II offer a great balance between brightness and portability.

Are image stabilized binoculars good for astronomy?

Over the years I’ve tested virtually every affordable image-stabilized binocular on the market for reviews appearing in Sky & Telescope magazine. Some of these binoculars are among the very best available for astronomy, while some are more general purpose. (Fujinon also makes 14×40 image-stabilized binos.

What does canon 10×30 image stabilization II do?

Featuring improved Canon Image Stabilization 9IS) technology for smooth, extended viewing without the need for a tripod, these binoculars have Canon optics and corrective technology for sharp, colorful and bright, virtually distortion-free viewing. With all-day use in mind, the 10×30 IS II are designed to be comfortable even when wearing glasses.

When to use canon 10x 30 is II binoculars?

With all-day use in mind, the 10×30 IS II are designed to be comfortable even when wearing glasses. With an improved, low reflective exterior coating that helps minimize glare from the sun, they’re less conspicuous when viewing wildlife, in the stands at a stadium or anywhere else where distracting reflections might occur.

Which is the best Canon Image stabilized binoculars?

Canon’s updated 10×30 image-stabilized binoculars remain a fine choice for stargazers and birders. Canon recently refreshed their line up of image-stabilized binoculars with new versions of their venerable 10×30 and 12×36 models.

What kind of battery does canon 10×30 is II use?

For example, when using AA alkaline batteries, the 10×30 IS II’s IS system works for up to 9 hours. The 10×30 IS II are compatible with nickel-metal hydride (NiMh) batteries as well. In binoculars, the distance from the eyepoint where the image can be seen without obstruction is known as eye relief.

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