What are the 5 main bones of the axial skeleton?

What are the 5 main bones of the axial skeleton?

The axial skeleton forms the central axis of the human body and includes the bones of the skull, the ossicles of the middle ear, the hyoid bone of the throat, the vertebral column, and the thoracic cage (ribcage).

What are examples of axial bones?

The axial skeleton includes the bones that form the skull, laryngeal skeleton, vertebral column, and thoracic cage.

What are the 5 major bones in the body?

The skeleton

  • Skull – including the jaw bone.
  • Spine – cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and tailbone (coccyx)
  • Chest – ribs and breastbone (sternum)
  • Arms – shoulder blade (scapula), collar bone (clavicle), humerus, radius and ulna.
  • Hands – wrist bones (carpals), metacarpals and phalanges.
  • Pelvis – hip bones.

Which bone is in the axial skeleton?

In the human skeleton, it consists of 80 bones and is composed of six parts; the skull (22 bones), also the ossicles of the middle ear, the hyoid bone, the rib cage, sternum and the vertebral column….

Axial skeleton
Diagram of the axial skeleton
Latin Skeleton axiale

What’s the most important bone in your body?

Your skull protects the most important part of all, the brain. You can feel your skull by pushing on your head, especially in the back a few inches above your neck.

What bones make the appendicular skeleton?

There are 126 named bones of the appendicular skeleton (all bones exist in pairs) [1]:

  • Upper Limb.
  • Shoulder girdle: Clavicle. Scapula. Arm. Humerus. Forearm. Radius. Ulna. Wrist or carpal bones. Scaphoid. Lunate.
  • Lower Limb.
  • Pelvic girdle (hip or coxal bone) Ilium. Ischium. Pubis. Thigh. Femur. Leg. Tibia. Fibula. Tarsal bones. Talas.
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