What are the 7 original languages?

What are the 7 original languages?

7 Oldest Languages in the World

  • Archaic Chinese (c. 1600 BCE – c. 221 BCE)
  • Mycenaean Greek (16th Century BCE – 12th Century BCE)
  • Hittite (16th Century BCE – 13th Century BCE)
  • Elamite (c. 2800 BCE – 300 BCE)
  • Akkadian (c. 2500 BCE – 100 AD)
  • Sumerian (c. 3100 BCE – 100 AD)
  • Egyptian (c. 3300 BCE – 17th Century)

What are the 5 ancient languages?

Classical studies There are just five languages that have had an overwhelming significance as carriers of culture. They are classical Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, Greek, and Latin. In comparison with these, even such culturally important languages as Hebrew and French sink into a secondary position.

Which is the first language in the world list?

Ethnologue (2019, 22nd edition)

Rank Language Percentage of world pop. (March 2019)
1 Mandarin Chinese 11.922%
2 Spanish 5.994%
3 English 4.922%
4 Hindi (sanskritised Hindustani) 4.429%

Which is the oldest written language in the world?

Greek has an uninterrupted history of being used as a written language for over 3,000 years, which is longer than any other Indo-European languages spoken today. This history is divided into three stages, Ancient Greek, Medieval Greek, and Modern Greek.

Which is the only living language in the world?

The Hebrew language is the only living Canaanite language that is still in use at present. The earliest Hebrew writings that have been discovered, date back to 3,000 years ago. Somewhere between 200 and 400 CE, people stopped using Hebrew as their spoken language and eventually it started dying.

Which is the most popular language in the world?

Over time, the Chinese language has evolved and nearly 1.2 billion people speak some form of Chinese as their first language. This is the most popular language spoken in the world. 4. Greek The earliest written evidence of the Greek language dates back to 1450 BC.

Which is the oldest language spoken in India?

Old Tamil eventually evolved into modern Tamil and is still spoken by about 75 million people. Tamil is also the official language of Sri Lanka, Singapore, and the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Did You Know?

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