What are the applications of Electrodynamometer type instruments?

What are the applications of Electrodynamometer type instruments?

Electrodynamometer type instruments are used as a.c voltmeters and ammeters both in the range of power frequencies and lower part of the audio frequency range. They are used as watt-meters,varmeters and with some modification as power factor meters and frequency meters.

What is the principle of Electrodynamometer?

An electrodynamometer or simply Dynamometer wattmeter is an instrument that is universally used for the measurement of DC as well as AC electric power. It works on the principle of dynamometer i.e. a mechanical force acts between two current carrying conductors.

What is the characteristics does the Electrodynamometer type of instruments measure?

Definition: The instrument whose working depends on the reaction between the magnetic field of moving and fixed coils is known as the Electrodynamo-meter Wattmeter. It uses for measuring the power of both the AC and DC circuits.

What is induction type instrument?

An induction instrument has multiuse. For example, we use the instruments as ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, and energy meters. Induction type instruments essentially have an electromagnet to produce the required magnetic field. AC in the electromagnet produces changing flux between its poles.

What is Emmc instrument?

1.9 Dynamometer (or) Electromagnetic moving coil instrument (EMMC): Page 18. This instrument can be used for the measurement of voltage, current and power. The difference between the PMMC and dynamometer type instrument is that the permanent magnet is replaced by an electromagnet.

Which instrument is used for high audio frequency?

Various types of frequency meters are used. Many are instruments of the deflection type, ordinarily used for measuring low frequencies but capable of being used for frequencies as high as 900 Hz.

What is Electrodynamometer type wattmeter?

Definition: Electrodynamometer wattmeter is an instrument whose working is related to the reaction between magnetic fields of the fixed coil and moving coil which is connected across the voltage (current is directly proportional to voltage).

Which is the most commonly used induction type instrument?

Induction type instruments:

  • Induction type of instruments ae used to measure AC quantities only.
  • We can use these instruments as an ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter and an energy meter.
  • The scale of induction type instruments is quite uniform and extends over an angle of 300°.

What is Mi instrument?

The moving iron type instruments are one of the types of measuring instruments used for measuring voltage or current. These instruments use a movable piece of iron placed in the magnetic field that deflects the pointer over the scale and hence named moving iron instrument.

How are the parts of an electrodynamometer instrument made?

Instead of a permanent magnet, the electrodynamometer type instrument uses the current under measurement to produce the necessary field flux. In this section, you will how the following parts of an Electrodynamometer Instruments are made. 1. Fixed Coils :

How are fixed coils used in an electrodynamometer?

1. Fixed Coils : The field is produced by a fixed coil. This coil is divided into two sections to give a more uniform field near the center and to allow passage of the instrument shaft. The instrument as shown in the figure by a milliammeter, or may become a voltmeter by the addition of series resistance.

Can an electrodynamometer be used as a voltmeter?

The electrodynamometer instruments can be used as a voltmeter by connecting the fixed and moving coils in series with a high non-inductive resistance. It is most accurate type of voltmeter.

Can a field be made of reverse in an electrodynamometer?

In electrodynamometer instruments, the field can be made of reverse simultaneously with the current in the movable coil if the field (fixed) coil is connected in series with the movable coil. This textbook “Electrical and Electronics Measurements by S. Chand” is the best in industry. Grab it now for very less price.

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