What are the Benildean Core Values?

What are the Benildean Core Values?

Shared information should adhere to the Benildean Core Values: appreciation of individual worth, creativity, professional competence, social responsibility, a sense of nationhood and our faith.

What is the Benildean expression?

The Benildean Community way of life is inspired by the Seven Benildean Expressions of the Lasallian Core Values: • God-centered. • With integrity. • Socially responsible. • Creative and innovative.

What is the mission of Benilde?

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is committed to building a just and humane society by being at the forefront of innovative education that is accessible to the poor and diversely-gifted learners.

How do you appreciate individual values?

  1. 1) Decide You Are Worthy Just By Being Alive. Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash.
  2. 2) Consider Where The Criticism Is Coming From.
  3. 3) Remember All You Have Accomplished.
  4. 4) Reward Your Efforts.
  5. 5) Stop Judging Yourself Harshly.
  6. 6) Appreciate All The Good Things In Your Life.
  7. 7) Let Yourself Receive Appreciation From Others.

What are the five core Lasallian principles?

Five Core Principles of a Lasallian School: Faith in the Presence of God. Respect for All Persons. Inclusive Community.

When was Benilde established?

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Manila/Founded

What is communion mission?

Communion in Mission, Mission as Communion Communion recalls the dynamic of association by which the first Brothers bonded together for the sake of the particular mission entrusted to them by God.

What to say to appreciate yourself?

“Appreciate your own courage and strength, especially during difficult times.” “Remember that you are perfect and to start appreciating yourself for your amazing qualities.” “Never forget to appreciate yourself and to reveal your own inner beauty.” “Never forget to smile and appreciate yourself.”

What are the core values of the Benildean religion?

People might serve differently from one another in professing their faith. But as a benildean, being deeply rooted in faith is one which takes serious responsibility in giving aid and providing voluntary community service to my fellow countrymen – especially to the poor.

What does it mean to be a professional Benildean?

Professional competence means having appropriate skills as well as work ethics in a given profession. It is to be well-qualified both in terms of technical training and work relations. It is to project a good image of the self and to maintain or improve on it.

Can a Benildean be a half-Filipino?

Born a Filipino whilst being a Benildean (who is open to foreign students and half-Filipinos alike), I was met with the challenge of engaging with students from and with other culture.

Is the de la Salle College of Saint Benilde in the Philippines?

In as much as the college acknowedges the individuality of its students, I believe De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde has been very successful in inculcating within its constituents the very essence of being Filipino, or from what my Filipino teacher used to refer, the “Filipino-ness” of Filipinos.

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