What are the five species of flounder?

What are the five species of flounder?

Flounder Scientific Name Instead, it refers to many different species of flatfish that are part of four distinct families: Achiropsettidae, Pleuronectidae, Paralichthyidae, and Bothidae. All of these families are classified within the order Pleuronectiformes.

Does flounder have another name?

Flukes are also called “summer flounder,” and flounder, or right-side fish, are called “winter flounder.” It also turns out that, of the 500 plus flatfish species, there are five species that are all called flounder.

Why is flounder called Fluke?

Fluke and flounders are flat bottom-dwelling fish. They lie on one side and evolved their development such that one of their eyes migrates to the side that is up. Fluke is known as summer flounder because it is more abundant in warm weather. Flounder is sometimes called “winter flounder” to distinguish it from fluke.

Is flounder the same as halibut?

Strange as it sounds, Halibut is Flounder. Flounder is the general name for a whole Flatfish family, including Turbot, Sole, Plaice, and more. The confusion comes from the fact that several species have “Flounder” in their name, while others, like California Halibut, aren’t actually Halibut at all.

What is the biggest flounder ever caught?

22.7 pound
The current world record for flounder was caught by Captain Charles Nappi in Montauk, NY back in 1975 and was a huge 22.7 pound fish.

What is the best time to flounder gig?

While flounder can be caught year round, they are more concentrated and easier to catch or gig in fall and early winter. The best rod and reel fishing starts mid-September and goes on through December, and sometimes well into January depending on weather and how cold it gets.

Is it OK to eat flounder everyday?

Flounder/sole — once a week at most. Grouper — once a week at most. Haddock, Atlantic — once a week at most. Halibut — once a week at most.

What are the different types of flounder?

Four of the five flounder species are found in the Atlantic: summer flounder (left-side up flukes), winter flounder, southern flounder and European flounder. The fifth, the Japanese flounder , is found in the Pacific Ocean .

What is the best way to catch flounder?

Here Are the Best Fluke and Flounder Baits, Lures, and Rigs White Gulp Swimming Mullet. Berkley Gulp is the most recommend way to catch fluke! Spro Bucktail Jig. This Spro Bucktail Jig comes in weights from 1/2 ounce to 4 ounces. Gulp Grub Curly Tail Bait. Sea Strike Fluke Bottom Rig. Sea Strike Flounder Bottom Rig. Fluke Chicken Rig. Fin Strike Tandem Flounder Rig. Tsunami Swim Fluke Jig.

When is the best time to catch flounder?

The fishing season for flounder is open year-round in the Chesapeake Bay , its tributaries and the coastal area. However, the best time to catch flounder is from spring till autumn, according to the Chesapeake Bay Program Bay Field Guide.

Is the flounder a carnivore?

The flounder is primarily a nocturnal carnivore that thrives on a diet of shrimp, crabs, and other fish. Smaller species may consume worms and plankton as well. The exact composition of the diet varies quite a bit by location and species.

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