What are the qualities of telesales?

What are the qualities of telesales?

Traits of a Good Telesales Person

  • Resilience – a telesales person needs to be able to handle rejection.
  • Rapport – You need to be able to quickly build rapport with the person on the other end of the phone.
  • Listening Skills – you need acute listening skills so you can pick up your prospects interest level.

What should I say in a telesales interview?

Common telesales interview questions.

  1. Why do you want work in sales?
  2. What is it about selling remotely that interests you?
  3. What special skills do you think are required to sell over the phone?
  4. Do you enjoy interacting with other people?
  5. Tell me about a time when you successfully sold a product or an idea to someone?

How do I succeed in telesales?

How to boost productivity in your telesales role.

  1. Set yourself targets. It may sound obvious, but without an aim, your work is likely to be pointless.
  2. Take a break.
  3. Learn new skills.
  4. Use a sales script.
  5. Analyse data for opportunities.
  6. Call monitoring and feedback.
  7. Up-sell.

How do I pass a telesales interview?

Aim to be positive and enthusiastic, and try to speak clearly and passionately. If you have any experience in sales, do not be afraid to bring it up, especially if you have won any awards, such as salesperson of the month. This will prove that you have a good track record.

What is a sample job description?

A Job Description Samples is an informative content that acts as a filtering device for employers as well for the job applicants, in terms of certain parameters to be fulfilled for the selection of a job post.

What are some examples of job duties?

Job duties are tasks you must do on a job. They are the responsibilities you have for a particular job. A job description lists the duties you will do for your job. For example, an auto mechanic would repair and paint cars. A file clerk would file forms, answer the telephones, and sort mail.

What is a job description outline?

The job description is basically an outline of how the job fits in to the company. It should point out in broad terms the job’s goals, responsibilities and duties. First, write down the job title and whom that person will report to.

What are the duties of sales rep?

In addition to making sales presentations, the duties of a sales representative may include submitting orders, servicing existing accounts and conducting market research. Sales reps are employed in a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to food service.

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