What bands has Brian Eno worked with?

What bands has Brian Eno worked with?

Brian Eno

Brian Eno RDI
Years active 1970–present
Labels Island Polydor EG Obscure Opal Virgin Astralwerks All Saints Rykodisc Warner Bros. Warp
Associated acts Fripp & Eno Harmonia 76 Portsmouth Sinfonia Roxy Music Scratch Orchestra 801 U2 David Bowie Talking Heads
Website brian-eno.net

Which albums did Brian Eno produce for David Bowie?

He is perhaps best known in mainstream circles for his incomparable synthesizer and soundscapes work on David Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy” of albums — Low, Heroes, and Lodger — all produced by Tony Visconti with visionary help from Eno, and for his work with artists like U2, The Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, and King …

Who wrote Heroes by David Bowie?

David Bowie

Who wrote the song laid?

Laid (song)

Label Fontana
Songwriter(s) Tim Booth, Larry Gott, Jim Glennie
Producer(s) Brian Eno
James singles chronology

Is Bryan Ferry a Catholic?

Though he’s best known for a kind of smooth, ironic, world-weary croon, Ferry, who turns 72 next month, should also be recognized as one of the most catholic and complex artist the rock era — whatever that is — has produced. Ferry’s most famous band, though, had little in common with ’60 soul or the Beatles.

What does Eno mean?


Acronym Definition
ENO Exhaled Nitric Oxide
ENO Environment Online (online network)
ENO Enolase
ENO Essentially Non-Oscillatory

Who wrote the song Heroes by David Bowie?

How did David Bowie write music?

Bowie also used the William Burroughs method, as it is known, of cutting up text in a random pattern to write his lyrics. Speaking about how he wrote, he continued: “It’s absolutely essential that I get surprised and excited by what I’m doing, even if it’s just for me. I think process is quite important.

Is Brian Eno married?

Brian Eno married Sarah Grenville when he was only 18 years of age. In 1967, the couple had a daughter, Hannah. But the relationship couldn’t last long and they soon had a divorce. In 1988, Eno married his manager Anthea Norman Taylor.

What is Brian Eno music?

Brian Eno (born 15 May 1948) is an English musician. He was one of the original members of the band Roxy Music. He makes music called electronic music, which is music made using computers and other electronic devices, like the synthesizer.

How old is Brian Eno?

Brian Eno is an electronic musician and producer. Also known for his multifaceted interests outside of music, especially technological. He was born 15 May 1948 in Woodbridge , Suffolk, UK.


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