What does Gavone mean in Italian slang?

What does Gavone mean in Italian slang?

Gavone: Also cafone, which translates as “boor.” This country-bumpkin designation usually implies crude manners. Correct usage: “Don’t be a gavone and eat all the cannoli.” Oobatz: Look hard and you’ll see pazzo, the Italian word for “crazy.”

How do you pronounce George G Meade?

  1. Phonetic spelling of George Gordon Meade. Ge-orge Gor-don Meade. george gordon meade.
  2. Synonyms for George Gordon Meade. full general. general. Meade.
  3. Translations of George Gordon Meade. Chinese : 乔治*戈登*米德 Russian : Джордж Гордон МИД Arabic : جورج غوردون ميد

What is a cafone?

/a [kaˈfone] masculine noun/feminine noun. (persona) boor ⧫ ill-mannered person.

What’s a Stunad?

Stunad meaning Filters. (slang) A stupid person, idiot. noun.

What does the word Gavone mean in Italian?

What does gavone mean in Italian? Your browser does not support audio. What does gavone mean in Italian? Find more words! Video Player is loading. This is a modal window. Beginning of dialog window.

Who is the typical Gavone in Staten Island?

Get a gavone mug for your cousin Julia. Get a gavone mug for your bunkmate Bob. Typical candidate: Italian-American Male. Age 25-45. 200+ lbs. Most definitely from Staten Island, Brooklyn or Jersey. Typically frequents restaurants that are either all you can eat, have buffets or serve large portions.

Where does the term ” Gaw Vone ” come from?

The term originates from the Italian “cafone”, which seems to an english-speaker as ‘Gaw-Vone’ whenever talked with a southern Italian accent.Now it’s used mainly by Italian-Americans to imply ‘trashy’ Italians, the ones who didn’t give up their particular tradition and turn like white american people.

What is the accessory detail of Gavone Saphir?

Accessory Detail Filtro antiparticolato e di raccolta impurità per condizionatori da gavone Saphir Per depurare l’aria da particelle di sporco e polvere. Accessory Detail Fluff and particle filter for Saphir storage compartment air conditioning systems To clean the air of dirt and dust particles.

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