What edition was Spellplague?

What edition was Spellplague?

It happened around 100 years before 5th edition. Spellplague was during 1385 DR, and stabilizes at around 1395 DR. but 4th edition takes place (officially) at 1479 DR, at the point where Mystra returns fully.

When did Spellplague end?

1480 DR
By 1480 DR, the Spellplague had ended with the event known as Mystra’s Return. The Weave was resurrected with the goddess and magic became what it was before the Spellplague, though some areas with lingering effects from it remained.

What happened to Mezro?

For the rest of the world, Mezro was destroyed during the Spellplague. By 1479 DR, the artificial ruins of Mezro were an undead- and monster-infested site.

How long did the Time of Troubles last D&D?

The Time of Troubles happened in 1358 DR. During this time (more or less one year long), the gods were made mortal and forced to wander the Realms. Arcane magic was unpredictable, divine magic unanswered. The Spellplague happened in 1385 DR, and was caused by Cyric killing Mystra with the help of Shar.

What was the cause of the Spellplague in Forgotten Realms?

Global turmoil, temporary destruction of the Weave. The Spellplague, called the Blue Breath of Change by the inhabitants of Abeir, was a disaster that struck Realmspace and even the planes themselves on Tarsakh 29 of the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR, and was caused by Mystra’s assassination at the hands of Cyric and Shar.

How did Spellplague change the shape of the world?

In many places, the Spellplague wrought drastic changes to the very shape of the world. The vast Underdark system beneath the western Shaar suffered a calamitous collapse, leaving a miles-deep pit the size of a country where the Landrise once ran. Thay’s forbidding plateaus were lifted thousands of feet higher, leaving many of its cities in ruins.

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