What engine does a 91 CRX Si have?

What engine does a 91 CRX Si have?

1.6L SOHC I-4
The Specs

Engine 1.6L SOHC I-4/105 hp @ 6,000 rpm, 98 lb-ft @ 5,000 rpm
Transmission 5-speed manual
Drive Front wheel
Front Suspension Control arms, coil springs
Rear Suspension Control arms, coil springs

Are Honda CRX rare?

Since Honda stopped producing the CRX almost 30 years ago, it shouldn’t come as a huge shock to hear that the CRX has become increasingly rare. The Honda CRX has actually become so rare that, when one shows up at a car show unexpectedly, it often steals the spotlight.

What engine did the CRX have?

The CR-X equipped with the 1.6 DOHC engine (ZC engine) or the 1.6 DOHC VTEC engine (B16A) came with a different hood since the B16A and ZC engines were taller and required additional hood clearances in comparison to the 1.6 SOHC engines.

How long is a 91 Honda CRX?

Used 1991 Honda Civic CRX Specs & Features

Height 50.1 in.
Length 148.5 in.
Wheel base 90.6 in.
Width 65.9 in.

How many CRX are left?

2021 2016
HONDA CRX 175 276

What is a Honda CRX worth?

The value of a used 1991 Honda Civic CRX ranges from $257 to $1,834, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

What does CRZ stand for Honda?

Compact Renaissance Zero
Honda said the name “CR-Z” stood for ‘Compact Renaissance Zero’ — reflecting the idea of a renaissance in the design of compact cars. At the show, CEO Fukui stated that a production model is “in the works” and that the car was intended to be “sporty, incredibly efficient and inexpensive”.

What year Honda Civic is best?

Here Are The Best And Worst Honda Civic Models Ever Made

  • 4 Ninth-Generation Honda Civic – 2012-2015 (Best)
  • 3 Second-Generation Hybrid Honda Civic – 2006-2011 (Worst)
  • 2 Tenth-Generation Honda Civic – 2017-2020 (Best)
  • 1 Early Models Of The Tenth-Generation Honda Civic – 2016 (Worst)

Will Honda make a CRX again?

As of yesterday, Honda trademarked the CRX and CR-Z name again, which means the lovable little hatchbacks are making a return. Likely based on the Insight hybrid, the CR-Z should be powered by a 1.5-liter four cylinder with about 150 horsepower, and then an electric motor should boost it up to about 200.

Are Honda CRX fast?


Model CRX (Mk1) CRX 1.6VTi (Mk2)
Torque 96 lbft 112 lbft
Weight 825 kg 1010 kg
Top speed 112 mph* 130 mph**
0-60 mph 8.5 sec* 7.5 sec**

Is the 1991 Honda CRX in good condition?

91′ CRX 2D coupe like new. Both interior and exterior are in great condition. Interior still smells new like out of the dealership.Has very low miles only 48k and is great on gas. All parts are original both inside and out. Exterior paint is in excellent condition.

When did the Honda CR X del Sol come out?

The Honda CR-X, originally launched as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X in Japan, is a front-wheel-drive sport compact car manufactured by Honda between 1983 and 1991. It was replaced by the Honda CR-X del Sol for the 1992 model year.

When was the last year Honda CRX was made?

The interior was upgraded and added a center console with cassette tape storage. 1987 was virtually unchanged from 1986 and would be the final year of the first generation CRX. The first generation CRX was sold in some regions outside Japan as the ” Honda Civic CRX”.

What kind of transmission does a Honda CRX have?

This car is 98% stock, only additions are tinted windows and professionally installed seat heaters – that’s right, a Honda CRX with heated seats! This is the HF (high fuel) model with a 5 speed manual transmission. The transmission shifts with all the smoothness you expect from Honda.

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