What equipment do lifeguards carry?

What equipment do lifeguards carry?

You’ll find sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and visors, swim towels, insect repellent, whistles and lanyards, water bottles, outerwear and more. Lifeguard training equipment, plus beach and pool equipment.

What do I wear to lifeguard training?

What should I bring to class? A swimsuit (women: modest one piece is recommended, men: trunks or jammers), a towel, goggles are recommended, pen or pencil, notebook for notes, water bottle, and a lunch/snacks. All participants will receive a loan book and pocket mask the first day of the course.

What do you put in a lifeguard bag?

What do I need to bring to my first day as a lifeguard?

  1. Lifeguard uniform.
  2. Sunglasses to block water’s glare.
  3. Lifeguard whistle.
  4. Sunblock.
  5. Water bottle(s) to stay hydrated in the heat.
  6. Snacks and/or meals.
  7. A towel.
  8. CPR Mask.

Is it hard to pass lifeguard test?

Lifeguarding tests, in my experience, are generally so easy that if passing them is a concern, you should reconsider an occupation where people’s lives can depend on your swimming ability.

What do lifeguards keep in their fanny pack?

Let’s take a moment to find out. What Is In The Lifeguard Hip Pack? The lifeguard waist bag has the content of a first aid kit in it. It will include an adult and pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation breathing mask, sterile pads, an absorbent compress, triangular bandages, antiseptic wipes, and gloves.

How do I become a Red Cross lifeguard?

To become a Red Cross lifeguard, or more accurately, to become a Red Cross-certified lifeguard, you’ll need to pass a variety of tests. These tests include a written test, a swimming test, and an emergency medical skills test. After passing these tests, you’ll be awarded a Red Cross-issued lifeguard certification.

Does American Red Cross have a babysitting course?

The Babysitting Basics course from the American Red Cross gives those ages 11 and older a foundation on which to build their babysitting business. Designed for new babysitters, this course delivers information clearly, concisely and interactively – and it’s the perfect way for young people to learn about all of the responsibilities that come with the job.

What is the Red Cross lifeguard test?

The Red Cross Lifeguarding pretest is designed to evaluate physical competency- strength, endurance, and comfort in the water . It is a prescreen to identify if a person could reasonably participate safely and have a chance to successfully complete the lifeguarding course.

How long does Lifeguard certification last?

Validity. Lifeguard certification includes a CPR certificate and a first aid certificate. It is valid for two to three years from the issue date, depending on the state where it is issued. However, because CPR is a crucial part of being a lifeguard, your lifeguard certification will automatically expire when your CPR certificate expires,…

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