What ethnicity is Chia chantarangsu?

What ethnicity is Chia chantarangsu?

Chantarangsu was born in Billings, Montana, to parents of Thai heritage. He was raised in Long Beach, California, until the age of nine before moving to Paramount, California, where his parents opened the Thai Smile restaurant.

What is Timothy DeLaGhetto’s nationality?

Tim Chantarangsu/Nationality

Is Tim DeLaGhetto Filipino?

Born to Thai parents who emigrated to the US, Tim grew up in Southern California with big dreams to become an actor. He tried his hand at school plays and musicals as well as making a number of short films with friends to enter different contests.

How did Tim meet Chia?

Everyone has a unique love story about how they met “the one”. Let me tell you mine. It all started in February 2009 when I had the urge to go and visit this local psychic that a couple of my girlfriends had been to. They swore by what he said and were shocked at how much was actually true.

Is Chia habte mixed?

Fun Facts: Chia is Canadian (Saskatchewan to be exact) and a cultural mix of Eritrean (Dad) and Salvadorian (Mom). Tim is Thai-American. Chia’s bridesmaids were comprised of her sister and cousins who traveled from Canada to be apart of their big day.

How tall is Chia?

Chia is an herbaceous plant with opposite, serrated leaves approximately 1½ to 3 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide. Also known as “lime-leaf sage,” plants reach a height of a little more than 3 feet at maturity. High planting density can result in 5- to 6-foot-tall plants.

How old is DeLaGhetto?

37 years (September 17, 1984)
De La Ghetto/Age

Who is Tim chantarangsu wife?

Chia Habtem. 2018
Tim Chantarangsu/Wife

How old is chantarangsu?

35 years (March 6, 1986)
Tim Chantarangsu/Age

Is Chia habte pregnant?

“Surprise, we are pregnant,” Chia announced to the audience. “The cat’s out of the bag,” an enthusiastic Tim replied. “We are indeed pregnant,” said Chia with a smile. Tim and Chia got married in 2018 following a long-distance relationship for seven years.

How did Chia Habte and Timothy DeLaGhetto meet?

Believe it or not, but a psychic told Habte that she was going to meet someone on a trip. And sure enough, she and a few of her girlfriends took a trip to Los Angeles/Las Vegas and she met DeLaGhetto! They stayed in touched, mostly by messaging on Facebook, until he made it official in 2011.

How old is Timothy DeLaGhetto from Wild N Out?

Before we get into the engagement story, we should get to know the future Mrs. Chantarangsu a bit better. You didn’t think DeLaGhetto was his real last name, did you? While her better half is a 31-year-old comedian-rapper on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out, Chia Habte’s age is unknown, as well as Chia Habte’s ethnicity.

How old is Chia Habte wife of Timothy?

Early Life of Chia Habte Chia Habte was born on January 10, 1989, in Canada under a birth sign Capricorn. As per 2018, she turned 29 years old. She is half Eritrean and half Salvadoran.

Who is the wife of rapper Timothy DeLaGhetto?

China Habte is one of the popular and talented web stars. She is known for posting the videos on Instagram of amazing nail designs. Moreover, she is also known for being the loving wife of famous rapper Timothy DeLaghetto. She makes a good earning from her career and obviously enjoys her husband’s net worth as well.

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