What film does a Nikon N80 use?

What film does a Nikon N80 use?

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How do you take the film out of a Nikon N80?

There are 2 buttons on the camera that have a roll film icon next to them. Press them both at the same time and hold for 1 or 2 seconds the film should rewind. Otherwise keep shooting till the end of the roll and it should rewind automaticly.

What year did the Nikon N80 come out?

The Nikon F80 (or N80 as it is known in the U.S.) is an SLR prosumer camera manufactured by Nikon, released in January 2000.

What does Fee mean on Nikon?

The FEE error indicates that the camera cannot control the full range of the lens aperture. If your lens has a mechanical aperture ring, rotate the aperture to its smallest opening, or highest f-number – normally marked in orange.

What lenses are compatible with Nikon N80?

The F80 is compatible with Nikon F mount lenses, the preferred lenses include AF, AF-D, and AF-S lenses, all functions of the camera and program modes P, S, A, M will operate with these lenses. VR enabled lenses will work as well.

What does F — mean on Nikon?

“F–” error indicates that no lens is currently attached to the body. However if there is a lens attached, it may mean that the lens is not attached properly and the camera is not communicating with the lens. Turn camera off, confirm the lens is properly attached and turn the camera on again.

Why is my Nikon flashing FEE?

If the cameras LCD screen displays “FEE” in the area where the aperture is normally displayed, please ensure that the lens is attached to the camera correctly. This error message will appear if the lens is not attached correctly to the camera or if you are not using a CPU lens such as the NIKKOR AF or NIKKOR P lenses.

Why is the Nikon F3 so good?

Ken. Great for: Inexpensive, tough professional manual-focus, auto- and manual-exposure Nikon for use with manual and most AF lenses. Great for long automatic night exposures many minutes long. The F3 works with many bizarre finders and focus screens, if you’e a whacko.

When did the Nikon N80 35mm camera come out?

Nikon N80. About $50 used if you know How to Win at eBay or at Amazon. The N80 was introduced in February 2000 and was the best 35mm film camera for serious amateur photographers until those amateurs went digital. As of 2007, I’d get a used F100 for not much more money.

How to set film speed on Nikon N80?

With DX- coded film, automatically When the camera is turned on, film is loaded and the camera back closed, the film automatically advances to the first frame. Turn the power switch on, confirm that the film speed setting is set to 100, then open the camera back by sliding the camera back lock release lever.

When did the Nikon F80 come out in the US?

The Nikon F80 was introduced in February 2000. It was known as the Nikon N80 in the US. The F80 was Nikon ‘s successor to the F70. There are three versions: the original F80, the F80D which has a date imprint function and the F80S which has the date function of the F80D model as well as imprint exposure information…

How much does a Nikon D100 N80 cost?

You can pay $2,000 for it as the Nikon D100, $2,400 for it as the Fuji S2 and $4,000 for it as the new Kodak DCS-14n 14MP digital cameras. Scanning the film from this N80 can give much better quality images than any of those digital cameras.

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