What gathering skills go with Synthweaving?

What gathering skills go with Synthweaving?

The two gathering crew skills that go with Synthweaving crafting are Underworld Trading and Archaeology, which allow you to gather the materials to craft Synthweaving items, so go speak to the Underworld Trading and Archaeology trainers in the next room, which is marked by the symbol of a hologram star.

What gathering skill goes with Armormech?

skill Scavenging
The gathering skill Scavenging provides crafting resources for Armormech. Armormechs can also craft aim, cunning, shield and absorb augments.

How do you level Cybertech?

Here’s what i do:

  1. Do not send companions out on scavenging missions.
  2. You can scavenge silver level and above droids after you destroy them in combat.
  3. Even though you can craft armors every two levels, i keep them synchronized with mods at every four levels, since they go hand in hand when upgrading gear.

What are crew skills in Star Wars Old Republic?

TYPES OF CREW SKILLS. In Star Wars: The Old Republic professions are called Crew Skills. They are split into two major categories based on what purpose they serve: Collecting Skills Materials and Crafting Skills. The “collecting crafting materials” is further split into two additional sub-categories – Gathering Skills and Mission Skills.

What are the crafting skills in ArmsTech?

The gathering skill Scavenging provides crafting resources for Armstech. Recommended Gathering Skills: Scavenging (Scavenged Metals and Compounds). Recommended Mission Skills: Investigation (Researched Compounds). Artifice – Artifice is the delicate skill of constructing lightsaber modifications, enhancements, generators and focii.

What happens when a crew member improves their skills?

As your crew members improve their skills, the required time to complete lower level tasks decreases, results from basic tasks increase (ie: scavenging provides more desh/silica, etc) and the chance of creating “exceptional” items increases.

What do you need to know about SWTOR skills?

Mission Skills include the following: Diplomacy The art of conducting and managing negot Investigation The skill of examining evidence and foll Treasure Hunting The ability to track down and recover va Underworld Trading Expertise in the trading of illegal good

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