What happened to the first doctor on the original Star Trek?

What happened to the first doctor on the original Star Trek?

In the novel Enterprise: The First Adventure, as Kirk assumed command of the ship for the first time from Captain Pike, Piper had been replaced by McCoy. In the novel Traitor Winds (set sometime between TOS and Star Trek: The Motion Picture), Piper was killed by traitors within Starfleet.

Who played the doctors in Star Trek?

actor Robert Picardo
The Doctor, an Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I (or EMH for short), is a fictional character from the television series Star Trek: Voyager, played by actor Robert Picardo.

Who was the doctor on Starship Enterprise?

actor John Billingsley
McCoy in The Original Series, Star Trek has had a doctor in every subsequent series. Star Trek: Enterprise ran between 2001 and 2005. In this series, Doctor Phlox was the chief medical officer of the starship Enterprise NX-01. The role was reprised by the American actor John Billingsley (20/5/60 – ).

Who was the best doctor in Star Trek?

In no specific order, here are the 11 Best Doctors in Star Trek.

  • 11 Beverly Crusher. When TNG premiered, Dr.
  • 10 Hugh Culber. Of all the best Starfleet doctors, Culber is one of the most progressive and adaptive.
  • 9 Leonard McCoy.
  • 8 Phil Boyce.
  • 7 The Doctor.
  • 6 Katherine Pulaski.
  • 5 Noonian Soong.
  • 4 Julian Bashir.

Who was the original dr.mccoy on Star Trek?

Before landing the role of Dr. Leonard McCoy on “Star Trek” (1966), he was offered the choice to play Mr. Spock. Years later, he played both for Star Trek III: the Search for Spock (1984).

How are the doctors in Star Trek ranked?

This is a ranking of every major Star Trek doctor, from worst to best, based on my assessment of their skills as a physician. No, this is not a favorites game — this is science. Medical science! How well can they handle a tricorder?

Who is the doctor in Star Trek Voyager?

The Doctor (Star Trek: Voyager) Being a doctor is his raison d’etre. Sure, the Doctor likes his opera, he enjoys pulling a Pygmalion on Seven of Nine every now and again, but he’s really defined by his profession since being a doctor is, literally, what he was created to do.

Who was the Star Trek doctor who made fun of a guy?

Did you know when she was younger she made fun of a guy for having a bad beard once, and then decided she’d be kind from then on because she made that dirty-faced dude feel bad? Sainthood, thy name is Beverly. And as a doctor, she’s got a pretty solid record.

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