What happened to Winplot?

What happened to Winplot?

Rick Parris died on October 23, 2012. He was 67. Some time after his death, Phillips Exeter Academy stopped hosting his official Winplot website, so an alternative link is provided.

Where can I download Winplot?

Download software Left-click on this icon: to connect to the Winplot website. Click on the Winplot link at the top of the Winplot website. Download and save the file wp32z.exe into your new directory C:\winplot.

Does Desmos do 3D graphs?

3D Graphing on Desmos. This is an example of pushing the limits of the calculator. f(x,y) is any 3-d function. Try changing it!

How do you use Winplot?

With Winplot you can shade the area between two graphs by choosing the shading option in the equa tab. You can type text onto graphs by selecting the text option in the Btns menu. Right click on the graph and enter the text you want into the box that opens up. You can move the text around by dragging.

Is there a 3D version of Desmos?

3D Plotter v1. 0. This graph has lots of different ways of plotting 3D objects. To plot more than one function at once, simply replace the single function with a list of functions.

How do you plot a 3D function?

  1. Draw x, y, and z axes.
  2. Roughly determine the domain of the function you will be graphing.
  3. Draw the box enclosing the three planes just drawn.
  4. Calculate the slice curves for x = 1, 0, -1 and draw them in on the appropriate planes.
  5. Draw the slice curves for y = 1, 0, -1 onto the appropriate planes.

How do I open WinPlot?

  1. Start WinPlot. Click Design // Open…
  2. The “Open” window appears. Set file type to the same type as chosen while exporting the design.
  3. Navigate to the file that was saved or exported in the design software. Open the file.

How do you zoom out on WinPlot?

ZOOM in and out Using “y=xx+3x-4” again in the default window, go to “View”->”Zoom out” or hold down the key “CTRL” while hitting “E”.

Which is the best way to use Winplot?

Plotting the line . Using the slider (like the TRACE function on TI calculators). Creating a table of points. Changing the background color. Changing the width and color of your function. Adding a grid to your graph. Showing your equation on your graph. Changing fonts. Using the keypad to move around the plane.

Which is the best free graphing software for Windows?

Winplot is a FREE ( download here ) windows based graphing program. The software is unbelievably powerful; it has (really useful) features I have never seen in any other graphics software. What’s especially swell is that with a little grounding it is remarkably easy to use.

Which is the best tool for plotting math formulas?

Many dedicated utilities for plotting such charts and diagrams are available for anyone who needs them. Among those tool, Winplot aims to provide a simple manner of creating visual representations of various math formulae.

How big is the screen size on Winplot?

The video sizes range from 1 to 6 megs – depending upon your modem speed your screen may go blank anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes when you load each video. Depending upon your screen resolution, the videos may be larger than your screen size.

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