What is 80GGA deduction?

What is 80GGA deduction?

Section 80GGA allows deductions for donations made towards scientific research or rural development. This deduction is allowed to all assessees except those who have an income (or loss) from a business and/or a profession.

How do I claim 80G for PM cares?

While filing ITR, you can claim 100% deduction (without qualifying limit) under section 80G of the Income Tax Act for the donation made by you to PM CARES Fund. In ITR, you are required to provide details of PAN, Address and Pin Code of the Donee.

How can I get 80G exemption certificate?

Process of Obtaining 80G Registration

  1. Registration Certificate.
  2. MOA /Trust Deed.
  3. NOC from the proprietor of the land where the registered office is situated.
  4. Copy of the Pan Card of the Trust/Institution.
  5. Copy of electricity bill, house tax receipt, or water bill.
  6. Proof of welfare activities pursued.

Who can apply for 80G certificate?

A non-profit organization or non-governmental organization (NGO), a charitable trust or a Section 8 Company, can apply for 80G registration as well as obtain certification under section 12A. Both certifications can be applied together or it can also be done separately also.

How can I get NGO tax exemption certificate?

NGOs can get tax exemption simply by getting itself registered and fulfilling all the required formalities. But the donors are not benefitted with this registration process. The person/ entity making donations can avail this benefit only if the NGO receives a certificate under 12A and 80G.

Are there any tax deductions under section 80gga?

Section 80GGA: Deduction for Donation for Scientific Research & Rural Development Under Section 80GGA of the Income Tax Act it is stated that the deductions are allowed for the donations that are made towards rural development and scientific research.

Who is eligible for tax rebate under section 80gga?

Not all donations are eligible for tax rebates under Section 80GGA of the Income Tax Act and one should check the eligibility before donating. The following donations are eligible for tax rebate under Section 80GGA. Donations to research institutions/associations/universities involved in scientific research.

Is there limit to amount that can be donated under 80gga?

Section 80GGA Limit and Payment Mode: Donations made under Section 80GGA are eligible for 100% tax deduction. There is no upper limit to the amount one can donate to institutes which adhere to principles under this Section and the donations can be in the form of cash, cheque or drafts.

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