What is a better word for teammate?

What is a better word for teammate?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for teammate, like: ally, join, colleague, crew, gang, group, lineup, merge, pair, partner and rig.

How would you describe a good teammate?

A great teammate is positive, full of energy and enthusiasm, regardless of the situation. Positivity will transfer to the other members of your team, but, adversely, negativity will do the same. A great teammate is willing to accept feedback from the team.

How would you describe your co worker?

Words to describe your coworkers’ personalities Likable: You’re likable and easy to work with. Polite: You’re always polite and remain calm, even under stressful circumstances. Considerate: You’re always considerate of others’ time when committing to project deadlines.

Is teammate one word or two?

Word forms: teammates He was always a solid player, a hard worker, a great example to his teammates.

What teammate means?

fellow member of
: a fellow member of a team.

What is a antonym for teammate?

Opposite of a member of a team. opponent. adversary. competitor. rival.

What type of word is teammate?

One who is on the same team.

What is a team game?

a team game: a sport, a pastime, an activity played in a group. noun.

Is the correct spelling ‘team mates’ or ‘teammates’?

The Correct spelling is: teammates. Common misspellings of the word teammates are: teammates in french. teammates in spanish. teammates in german. teammates in italian. teammates in portuguese. How do you spell teammates ?.

What is a good teammate?

A good teammate is supportive, motivating, a good friend, and a good communicator. They’re tough, but also fair. Regardless, taking all of these qualities away, there’s one specific trait that takes a good teammate and makes them a great one.

What does teammate mean?

Definition of teammate : a fellow member of a team : a person who is on the same team as someone else : a person who belongs to the same team as someone else

What is another word for “team member”?


  • attacker
  • bad person
  • bandit
  • competitor
  • contestant
  • enemy
  • foe
  • match
  • opposer
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