What is a gold equivalent ounce?

What is a gold equivalent ounce?

Gold Equivalent Ounces (“GEOs”) are calculated as revenue divided by the average gold price for the same period. The Company defines Gold Equivalent Ounces as revenue divided by the average gold price for the same period.

How is gold equivalent calculated?

Gold equivalent values can be calculated using the following formula: AuEq = Au g/t + (Ag g/t x 0.012) + (Cu % x 1.37) + (Mo ppm / 10,000 x 3.2).

What is gold equivalent production?

Gold Equivalent means a quantity of a Metal having an economic value expressed in ounces of Gold and calculated by multiplying the quantity of the Metal by an assumed price for that Metal and dividing the product by an assumed price for Gold, where such prices are determined using the Financial Parameters.

How do you calculate copper equivalent?

Note: Cu‐equivalent (CuEq) values are calculated using copper price US$6614/tonne and gold price of US$40/gram (US$1,244/ounce). Cu equivalent (“Cu Eq.”) grade is calculated by the following equation: Cu Eq. = Cu% + (Au g/t x 0.6). Cu‐Equivalent values do not take into account the recoverability of gold.

How is metal equivalent calculated?

The following equation was used to calculate copper equivalence: CuEq = Copper (%) + (Gold (g/t) x 0.6319) + (Silver (g/t) x 0.0087) + (Zinc (%) x 0.4167). The following equation was used to calculate gold equivalence: AuEq = (Copper (%) x 1.5824 + Gold (g/t) + (Silver (g/t) x 0.01385) + (Zinc (%) x 0.6593).

What is a metal equivalent?

Definition of metal equivalents. Mineralisation that is comprised of several metals of economic value is converted to a single metal. Typically the minor metals are converted by formula and added to the grade of the major metal. A similar approach can also be used for economic industrial minerals.

What is a Geo in mining?

Equivalent ounce is an investing term used throughout the mining industry. For example, miners that primarily focus on gold might use gold equivalent ounce (GEO), silver miners often use silver equivalent ounce, and copper miners would likely focus on copper equivalent ounces.

What does copper equivalent mean?

copper equivalent means the percentage of marketable metals or minerals contained in mineralized material, determined by converting all other metals other than copper to equivalent copper on the basis of a market price for such metals at a given time; Sample 1.

What does silver equivalent mean?

Related Definitions Silver Equivalent Ounces means the silver ounces plus the silver equivalent of gold ounces, with gold ounces converted to silver ounces based a conversion ratio of one ounce of gold to 55 ounces of silver at the time of such conversion.

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