What is a LightScribe DVD burner?

What is a LightScribe DVD burner?

LightScribe is direct disc labeling technology that provides you a simple way to burn precise, silk-screen quality labels. A LightScribe-enabled DVD disc drive uses an optical laser in the drive to burn a label onto a thin dye coating on the label side of the LightScribe disc.

How do I burn a label to DVD?

With LightScribe, you create or download the label of your choice. Then, after you burn your data, music, or video onto a CD or DVD, simply flip the disc over, put it back into the drive, and burn your newly created (laser-etched) label design directly onto the disc. It looks professional and way cool.

Can I put a label on a DVD?

Use only round labels, specified as CD/DVD, with your discs — this will ensure that your disc is correctly balanced in the drive and the adhesive used on such labels is not harmful to the disc’s data layer. Once applied, labels should never be removed or repositioned, as this may delaminate the disc.

How do you label a DVD disc?

Yes, you can use an off-the-shelf permanent marker, but be careful where you write. The easiest way to label a CD-R is to whip out that permanent marker and write directly on the disc. It’s also a great way to assure that the disc won’t be readable later on.

Can you use normal DVDs with LightScribe?

The reason you can’t use a ‘normal’ DVD drive for LightScribe labeling is because the drive needs added circuitry to perform the LightScribe function. This added circuitry is hidden completely in all External USB and desktop internal drives.

What does LightScribe mean on a dvdburner drive?

A LightScribe-enabled DVD drive uses an optical laser to burn an image into the thin dye coating on the label side of a LightScribe disc. The LightScribe labeling system has no ink to smear, no paper to curl, and no sticky adhesive to cause problems.

What is a light scribe CD/DVD burner?

LightScribe is an optical disc technology that allows you to copy data to DVDs and create high-quality, laser-etched labels directly on the surface of recordable CDs or DVDs. These labels will appear in monochromatic sepia colors. New and pre-owned LightScribe DVD burners are available in eBays marketplace.

What is LightScribe DVD writer?

A LightScribe DVD writer allows you to burn the data onto the disk, take the disk out, flip it over and then burn a label/image/text onto the disk. The benefits include that you don’t have to write using a pen on the disk, and you don’t need to print out an sticker and put it on the disk.

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