What is a LY6 block?

What is a LY6 block?

The LY6 engine is a 6.0L Gen. 4 small block engine used in GM trucks and SUVs between 2007 and 2010. These motors are capable of making a lot of horsepower, and respond well to upgrades like turbos, superchargers, high-flow cylinder heads, intake systems, cams, and nitrous oxide.

Are LSX blocks iron?

The LSX Bowtie block casting is made of 400mPa tensile-strength iron, for great overall strength, and the casting is available in four versions: Standard deck, semi-finished – part number 19260093. Tall deck, semi-finished – part number 19260100. Standard deck, finished block (4.065-inch bores) – part number 19260095.

What is the difference between LQ9 and LY6?

The LQ9 shared all the components with the LQ4, but featured flat-top pistons. The slightly higher compression LQ9 was factory rated at 345 hp and the same 380 lb-ft of torque. The rec-port heads used on the LY6 featured offset intake rockers. The two heads shared the same exhaust rockers.

Which LS engine has iron block?

First launched in 2007 in GMC and Chevy trucks, the 4.8L Vortec 4800 LY2 replaced the Gen III LR4 and is the smallest member of the Gen IV family. The iron-block V8 is also the only Gen IV truck and SUV motor not to feature variable valve timing….

Capacity Bore/stroke (inches)
6.2L/376ci 4.065/3.62
7.0L/427ci 4.125/400

Is the LY6 a good engine?

After installation of the LQ9 cam, the LY6 6.0L proved to be a decent performer, producing peak numbers of 443 hp and 467 lb-ft of torque. Torque production exceeded 450 lb-ft for a 1,000-rpm spread. For guys looking to upgrade their iron horse 6.0L truck engine to LS3 status, the gains were pretty impressive.

How much does an aluminum LS block weight?

Here’s the numbers at a glance: The Aluminum 5.7 L LS block came in around 109 lbs. The Iron 5.3 LS block came in around 218 lbs. The difference in material loss, as you can see, is almost negligible between the 5.3 vs 5.7 vs 6.0 bore sizes.

What LS is a 427?

Naturally-aspirated 6.0L V8 L98. Naturally-aspirated 5.3L V8 LS4. Naturally-aspirated 7.0L V8 LS7. Naturally-aspirated 6.2L V8 LS3….GM 7.0 Liter V8 LS7 Engine.

Displacement: 7.0L / 427 cu. in.
Predecessor: LS2 / Gen 3 Small Block
Assembly: Wixom, Michigan

What is the best LS motor to swap?

If you’re planning on boosting your project the 4.8L truck engine will be perfect for you. The 4.8L can take insane amounts of boost completely stock and will really perform well. If you don’t want a barebones 5.3L or 4.8L you could always step up to a 6.2L truck block which is based on the LS3 engine.

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