What is a singer automatic ZigZagger?

What is a singer automatic ZigZagger?

This Singer Automatic ZigZagger fits vertical low shank sewing machines including the Singer 15, 66, 99, 101, 127, 128, 185, 192, 201, 221 & 222 FEATHERWEIGHT. The photographs above illustrate how applicable this Automatic ZigZagger can be for adding a decorative touch to real-life sewing.

Can a singer featherweight zigzag?

You can zigzag over cord, too! It still takes a bit of practice because the attachment is moving the fabric back and forth as opposed to the needle moving back and forth on new machines, today.

What is the best vintage sewing machine to buy?

Based on general popularity, the Singer 201, Singer 401 and 403, and Kenmore 30 typically rank as the best antique and vintage sewing machines today. Depending on what you want, expensive models like the Bernina 930 also rank highly.

What is a blind stitch attachment?

This is the hem used on trousers, skirts and jackets for an almost invisible finish. You will need to use a matching thread for your fabric, in this example I have used a contrasting thread so you can see the nibbled stitches used to sew this hem.

Why is my zigzag stitch sewing straight?

If the upper thread appears as a single line, the lower thread is incorrectly threaded. Instead of the appropriate tension being applied to the lower thread, it is pulled through the fabric when the upper thread is pulled up.

Which vintage Singer sewing machine is best?

For a straight stitch machine, I’d recommend a Singer 99, Singer 66, or Singer 15, as they’re all relatively common, easy to service yourself, easy to find parts for, and easy to use.

Why is blind stitch appropriate as hemming stitch?

The sewer catches only a few threads of the fabric each time the needle is pulled through the fabric, which means that the majority of the stitching is hidden inside the hem. Blind stitching is useful when joining two folded edges together, as the thread is only visible when the folded material is pulled away.

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