What is Den of Angels?

What is Den of Angels?

A community dedicated to the appreciation of resin ball-jointed dolls denofangels.com.

How do I post on Den of Angels?

Den of Angels does not host images, so you are not able to upload an image with your post. You will need to post the images to an external account like Flickr or your own website. Once you’ve uploaded your photos, copy the URL of your image. The URL should end in jpg, gif or png.

How big is a mini dollfie dream?

Dollfie Dream is a line of 1/3 vinyl dolls made by Volks, with heights ranging between 50-58 cm.

Do dollfie dreams yellow?

Its color and texture are different from glue for general sale. It is not yellowing or hardening.

What to do in the Den of Angels?

Answers to basic forum questions. Get one-on-one help with forum-related problems and questions. A chat-free area for announcements about dolls and BJD-related items, companies and events. Read the latest on community issues and updates from the DoA staff. Also a good way to brush up on current rules and community etiquette.

How big are dolls in Den of Angels?

Discussion of dolls sized 50cm and up (60cm average). Discussion of dolls sized 40cm to 49cm (45cm average). This includes childlike and mature minis. Discussion of dolls sized 39cm and smaller (35cm average). This includes childlike and mature tinies.

How long does a den of Angels ban last?

A ban lasts indefinitely and is usually permanent. Den of Angels may ban members do not follow our recast policy. If you are caught sneaking back onto the forum, your new account will be banned also. We do not list who has been banned or for what reasons.

How do I Delete my Avatar on Den of Angels?

Click your username on the upper right to open your user menu, then click Avatar. Click Choose File to upload your custom avatar and Okay to save it. You can delete your avatar by selecting the ‘delete custom avatar?’ option and clicking ok. You can upload jpg, jpeg, png or gif files.

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