What is facsimile transmission?

What is facsimile transmission?

noun. an international system of transmitting a written, printed, or pictorial document over the telephone system by scanning it photoelectrically and reproducing the image after transmissionOften shortened to: fax.

What is facsimile transmission number?

Fax, sometimes called telecopying or telefax, is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material, normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output device. The receiving fax machine reconverts the coded image, printing a paper copy.

What is facsimile used for?

Today the word facsimile is used for high quality reproductions of illuminated manuscripts, all the way down to xerox copies of documents.

What is legal status of fax transmission?

A faxed signature is legally recognised as valid and is often used to confirm or approve many business and financial deals. If a contractual agreement is broken, and there is a denial that any agreement took place, a fax of the original signed document is deemed to be sufficient evidence in court.

Is facsimile the same as fax?

Fax, in full facsimile, also called telefax, in telecommunications, the transmission and reproduction of documents by wire or radio wave.

When was telefax invented?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019. The fax machine has a much longer history than you might think! Invented back in 1843 by Alexander Bain, the “Electric Printing Telegraph” was the world’s first faxing device. Since then, faxing has transformed many times, and is still widely used today.

What is fax slang for?

Fax is a slang way of spelling facts so it means he is telling the truth.

Does facsimile mean fake?

Facsimile directly means an exact copy. Fake directly means not genuine or counterfeit. To make that easier to understand, its something like the square rectangle thing, “A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t a square.” A facsimile is a fake, but a fake isn’t always a facsimile.

What is a reasonable facsimile?

: a copy that is not exact but is fairly close The house is a reasonable facsimile of his original home. —sometimes used in a joking way I can speak French, or at least a reasonable facsimile of French.

Are faxes legally binding?

For governmental agencies, faxed copies are usually not acceptable if a legal document needs to be filed. In most states, legal agreements or contracts that contain a faxed or photocopied signature are valid and enforceable.

Why is facsimile a fax?

What Does Facsimile (Fax) Mean? A facsimile, more commonly referred to as a fax, is the transmission of a document or image from one place to another electronically. The document to be sent is scanned and sent over a telephone or Internet connection. A combined scanner and transmitter is usually known as a fax machine.

What is the abbreviation for facsimile transmission?

How is Facsimile Transmission System abbreviated? FXTS stands for Facsimile Transmission System. FXTS is defined as Facsimile Transmission System frequently.

What is a fax transmission?

A fax (short for facsimile and sometimes called telecopying) is the telephonic transmission of scanned-in printed material (text or images), usually to a telephone number associated with a printer or other output device.

What is a facsimile (fax)?

Fax (short for facsimile), sometimes called telecopying or telefax (the latter short for telefacsimile), is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material (both text and images), normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output device.

What is a fax form?

FAX is basically a technique of reproducing a document electronically at a distant place. FAX machine is an example of digital communication system. Uses of a fax machine: (a) It sends all the data over the telephone lines. Even the images are converted into digitized form and then are sent over the telephone lines.

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