What is Freescale processors?

What is Freescale processors?

The Freescale 683xx (formerly Motorola 683xx) is a family of compatible microcontrollers by Freescale that use a Motorola 68000-based CPU core. A CPU core designed to minimize transistors while maximizing performance. A high-speed clocked serial interface for debugging called background debug mode (BDM).

What kind of processor is embedded in the HC11 microcontroller?

The 68HC11 (6811 or HC11 for short) is an 8-bit microcontroller (µC) family introduced by Motorola in 1984. Now produced by NXP Semiconductors, it descended from the Motorola 6800 microprocessor by way of the 6801. It is a CISC microcontroller.

What emulator does MC 68 HC 12 use?

SIMHC12 is a simulator program for the Freescale/Motorola 68HC12. It simulates the M68HC12A4EVB evaluation board which contains an MC68HC812A4 microcontroller, 16k of external RAM and 32k of external ROM.

Which is the concentrated Register of MC68HC11?

Explanation: The MC68HC11 architecture is similar to that of the 6800 and has two 8 bit accumulators referred to as registers A and B. They are concatenated to provide a 16-bit double accumulator called register D. 7.

Who bought Freescale Semiconductor?

NXP Semiconductors NV
2015: NXP buys Freescale Semiconductor for $11.8 billion Chipmaker NXP Semiconductors NV agreed to buy smaller chipmaker Freescale Semiconductor for $11.8 billion. The deal valued the combined company at over $40 billion.

What is the difference between MCU and MPU?

An MCU can be viewed as a single-chip computer, whereas an MPU has surrounding chips that support various functions like memory, interfaces, and I/O. One of the main differences between microcontrollers and microprocessors is that a microprocessor will typically run an operating system.

How many bits of data can be processed at a time by the hc11 processor?

Architecture / Hardware Design The 68HC11 is an 8-bit data and 16-bit address processor. This means that it can store, in its data registers, 8-bits of data at a time.

How many types of microcontrollers are there?

The memory architecture of microcontroller are two types, they are namely: Harvard memory architecture microcontroller. Princeton memory architecture microcontroller.

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