What is half group task?

What is half group task?

Half Group Task also know as HGT is conducted after the PGT. HGT is similar to PGT, but the difference is that the group is divided into two sets. i.e. If your group contains totally 10 persons, then it is divided into 5 of two groups. Like this the GTO will see the performance of the candidates in close.

What is GTO task in Issb?

ISSB outdoor task (GTO): tasks are group exercises, wherein the candidates perform several tasks either collectively or individually, but always in association with the other candidates in the group. Some of the exercises are indoor while others are out door.

What are group tasks?

Group tasks are activities where a defined group of individuals need to perform a defined task and accomplish the goals assigned to them. For example, in some groups, members go out of their way to help others whereas in other groups self centered individuals dominate.

What are the group tasks in SSB?

Candidates can review the details of all nine GTO Tasks in SSB in the following section:

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • GPE or MPE (Group or Military Planning Exercise)
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Snake Race.
  • Lecturette.
  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Individual Obstacles.
  • Command Task.

What is command task?

A Command task runs a single shell command or starts an external executable program during the workflow. You might specify a shell command to delete reject files, copy a file, or archive target files. You can use workflow parameters and variables in the command.

What is final group task in SSB?

GTO starts with Group Discussion and ends with yet another group exercise, the FGT. Elaborated as Final Group Task, FGT is the finale round of GTO and also the final chance to prove your inherent talent.

How do you write a GPE solution?

How to Write the GPE Solution

  1. Always mention your priority.
  2. Division of group must be mentioned.
  3. Resources must be used wisely.
  4. Approach to the appropriate authority.
  5. clearly Mention the Time & Distance.
  6. Meeting point must be the same from where you were divided.
  7. Carry on to your Journey for which you were going on.

How many group tasks are there in SSB?

GTO Tasks in SSB or Group Testing Officer tasks are undertaken by SSB for the individuals to get their efficiency to work together in a group activity. There are a total of 9 tasks that were planned and executed by SSB.

What are 15 OLQs?

Broadly defined, these personal qualities (PQs) or Officer Like Qualities(OLQs) as they are called in Indian context refer to traits, states, needs, motives, goals, attitudes, interests, determining tendencies and general dispositions towards personal/social situations.

How do you lead a command task?

How to Approach Command Task

  1. Do not panic and maintain your composure.
  2. Pay attention when the task is being explained to you.
  3. During the casual talk, do not try to become too friendly with the GTO.
  4. After the task is explained, call your team mates and brief them about the task.
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