What is Lufthansa IATA code?

What is Lufthansa IATA code?

For flights with the airline Lufthansa (code ‘LH’), Lufthansa is the contracting party and the General Conditions of Carriage (GCC) of Deutsche Lufthansa AG apply.

How many planes does Lufthansa Cargo have?

Lufthansa Cargo Fleet Details and History

Lufthansa Cargo
Group / Part of Lufthansa Group
Base / Main Hub Frankfurt Rhein-Main (FRA / EDDF)
Fleet Size 10 Aircraft (+ 4 On Order/Planned)
Average Fleet Age 1 6.8 Years

Do cargo or passenger pilots make more?

4) Cargo Pilot Pay Can Be As Good As the Airlines Pay at the large cargo operators such as Fedex and UPS is equivalent to passenger airline pilot pay. Pilots at the large cargo operations will get into wide body airplanes faster and start earning the higher pay associated with those airplanes sooner.

What is the IATA code for Lufthansa Cargo?

Lufthansa Cargo Aktiengesellschaft ICAO Code GEC Airline Code 020 IATA Designator LH Region Europe City Frankfurt/Main Address

Who is the parent company of Lufthansa Cargo?

Lufthansa Cargo AG is a German cargo airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa. It operates worldwide air freight and logistics services and is headquartered at Frankfurt Airport, the main hub of Lufthansa.

Where does Lufthansa fly in and out of?

As of 2011, all Lufthansa Cargo aircraft are based at Frankfurt Airport, the seventh busiest freight hub in the world, where the airline enjoys a strong co-operation with Fraport, the operator of the airport.

What kind of aircraft do Lufthansa use for freight?

Medium-haul aircraft are used as freight-only aircraft on continental routes in Europe. Aircraft receive cargo doors to enable containers to be transported on the main deck as well. Freighter aircraft will be operated by Lufthansa CityLine.

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