What is Superman real name?

What is Superman real name?

The name given to Superman at birth by his biological parents, Jor-El and Lara, on the planet Krypton is Kal-El. The name given to Superman by his adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, when he arrives in Smallville on Earth is Clark Kent, which continues to be the name of his alter ego.

Who is real Superman?

Alter ego Kal-El (birth name) Clark Joseph Kent (adopted name)
Species Kryptonian
Place of origin Kryptonopolis (Krypton) Smallville / Metropolis (Earth)
Team affiliations Justice League Legion of Super-Heroes Superman Family

Who raised Superman?

An alien named Kal-El from the destroyed planet Krypton. He was sent to Earth and raised as Clark Kent by human foster parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent. As an adult, Superman became the protector of Earth, working at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent alongside his partner and wife Lois Lane.

Who is stronger super man or the Hulk?

Superman under normal circumstances is stronger than the Hulk, but the Hulk has the potential for unlimited strength depending on how angry he is at the time. So, if the Hulk is angry enough, he would be stronger than Superman.

Did Superman really die against Doomsday?

Doomsday was the only one who actually died, Superman was just knocked into a deathlike coma where he was attacked by the demons and saved himself with the help of a also-comatose Jonathan Kent . Ironically, burying Superman almost killed him for real.

Who is the bad guy in Superman?

The new Superman movie has its name, and its bad guy. Warner Brothers announced on Sunday that the film, now officially titled “Man of Steel,” will feature Michael Shannon as the evil General Zod. He’ll face off against Henry Cavill, the franchise’s new Superman.

What is Super Mans nickname?

“Man of Steel ,” Superman’s most famous nickname, debuted very early on, in Action Comics #7 (by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster), so early that it was still in that first year, 1938, of Superman’s existence…

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