What is the basic difference between specially and especially?

What is the basic difference between specially and especially?

Specially, is an adverb which is used to tell you something serves a particular purpose. On the other hand, especially is also an adverb that is used to emphasize someone or something over all others. These two words are highly confusing homonyms, as people usually do not understand which one to use, in a sentence.

How do you use especially specially?

While specially is used for more casual conversations, especially is more of a formal word. Specially is an adverb that is used to indicate something done for a specific or special purpose. He specially went to the shop to get her favourite chocolates.

How do you use specially in a sentence?

Examples of specially in a Sentence dresses made specially for a wedding The speech was written specially for the occasion. The room was specially designed to be used as a library. I was specially pleased with your gift. people who are not specially gifted I don’t want to be treated specially.

How do you write specially?

3. When you want to convey the meaning “for a special purpose,” or “specifically,” you can use either especially or specially. They are both correct. The speech was written especially/specially for the occasion.

What does this mean specially?

: for a special purpose : specifically. : to a special or unusual degree : particularly or especially. : in a special manner.

How do you write especially in short?

esp. is a written abbreviation for especially.

What does the word’especially’mean in English?

Especially. or. specially. ? Grammar > Easily confused words > Especially or specially? from English Grammar Today. Especially and specially are adverbs. Especially means ‘particularly’ or ‘above all’: She loves flowers, especially roses.

When to use ” exceptionally ” instead of ” especially “?

A helpful tip: if you can swap in exceptionally in the place of especially and it makes sense, then especially is generally the right choice. For example, she excelled in all subjects at school but was exceptionally good at science. Since exceptionally works well here, you know that you can also use especially in this case.

Which is the best definition of the word ” specially “?

Especially is an adverb that is used to signify a person, thing or situation that is greater than all others. Especially is one of the Oxford English Dictionary’s one thousand most frequently used words. Specially means for a particular purpose, more than is usual. Specially is also an adverb.

Which is more often used, special or Especial?

Final note: in American English, special is used more often than especial. However, especially is much more commonly used than specially. Because we are just particular like that.

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