What is the longest title reign in WWE?

What is the longest title reign in WWE?

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar holds the longest title reign for the Universal Championship, which was first introduced in the summer of 2016. Lesnar holds his record over three title reigns, one of which he held the title for 504 consecutive days.

Who has the most title reigns?

John Cena
Most per championship

No. Champion No. of reigns
1 John Cena 16
2 Edge 7
3 The Sandman 5
4 Brock Lesnar 3

Who is the best fighter in WWE in 2021?

Top 10 Strongest WWE Wrestlers 2021

  1. 1 Brock Lesnar. Image Credit- The Comeback.
  2. 2 Braun Strowman. Image Credit- Sportskeeda.
  3. 3 John Cena. Image Credit- Muscle & Fitness.
  4. 4 Big E. Image Credit- PickyTop.
  5. 5 Goldberg. Image Credit- Twelfth Man.
  6. 6 Kane. Image Credit- WWE.
  7. 7 Big Show. Image Credit- SI.
  8. 8 Titus O’ Neil.

Who had the longest title reign in WWE history?

The Title was founded back in 1963. Buddy Rogers became the inaugural Champion after winning a fictional tournament in Brazil. It was originally called the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship . Bruno Sammartino holds the record for the longest Title reign, he held the belt for a staggering 2,803 days.

Who has won the most WWE Championships?

Jericho won more Intercontinental titles than anyone in WWE history with nine reigns as the champion. He was also a six-time world champion, holding the Undisputed WWE Championship, the WWE title three times, and World title twice.

Who was the longest WWE Champion?

The longest reigning champion was Lex Luger who held the title for 523 days from May 22, 1989 to October 27, 1990. The shortest reigning champion was Steve Austin who held the title for approximately five minutes. Since the title’s inception in WWE, MVP holds the record for the longest reign.

Who is the WWE 24 7 champion?

The current 24/7 Champion is Drake Maverick, who is in his third reign.

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