What is the meaning of Wado Ryu?

What is the meaning of Wado Ryu?

Wado translates to “Way of Harmony” and its kanji is recognized as the symbol of the Japanese way of life. Wado-ryu karate-do was created by Hironori Otsuka.

Is Wado Ryu Japanese or Okinawan?

However, there are some important differences. It may be argued that Wado-ryu is a Jujutsu style rather than Okinawan Karate. When first registered with theJapanese Dai-Nippon-Butoku-Kai in 1938 the style was called Shinshu Wadoryu Karate-Jujutsu, a name which reflects the hybrid nature of Wado.

Is Wado Ryu Japanese?

The full “Wado” story began on 1st June 1892 when Hironori Ohtsuka was born. He was born in Shimodate City, Ibaragi, Japan, the first son of Dr. Tokuiuro Ohtsuka, a Doctor of Medicine. Ohtsuka was first introduced to the Martial Arts by his great uncle Chojiro Ebashi who began teaching him Jujitsu.

Where does Wado Ryu come from?


The flag of Wadō-ryū.
Also known as Shinshu Wadoryu Karate-Jujutsu
Country of origin Japan
Founder Hironori Ōtsuka
Arts taught Karate

What does Wado Ryu focus on?

Wado-ryu focuses on evading strikes. It teaches students to avoid hard contact during sparring by shifting the body and reducing the full force of an opponent’s blows.

What is the difference between Shotokan and Wado Ryu?

When it comes to individual karate styles; Shotokan involves long, deep stances and powerful long range techniques. Wado-ryu too employs shorter, more natural stances and the style is characterised by the emphasis on body shifting to avoid attacks.

What’s the best karate style?

Shotokan Karate is hands-down the most popular style of Karate in the world. It comes from Tokyo and was taught by Master Gichin Funakoshi, the Okinawan who is generally recognized as the founder of modern Karate. Traditionally taught Shotokan is effective for street fighting and self-defense.

What style of karate is best for self defense?

In Krav, these weak points are exactly the parts of the body that are most heavily attacked, in order to neutralize the opponent as quickly as possible. This makes Krav Maga one of the best martial art systems to train with self-defense in mind.

What Karate style is most powerful?

1. Shotokan

  • Shotokan karate utilizes both the upper and the lower body to produce punches and kicks which are linear and forceful.
  • Practitioners employ powerfully delivered, straight line strikes designed to quickly stop an attacker or opponent.

What’s the difference between Okinawan karate and Wado Ryu?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wado-ryu is one of the world’s major karate styles. On the surface it looks very similar to other styles such as Shotokan. However, there are some important differences. It may be argued that Wado-ryu is a Jujutsu style rather than Okinawan Karate.

What are the three parts of the name Wado Ryu?

The name Wadō-ryū has three parts: Wa, dō, and ryū. Wa means “harmony,” dō (same character as tao) means “way,” and ryū means “school” or “style”.

What does Yoshin ryu mean in martial arts?

After this revelation he developed 303 techniques which became known as Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu or Willow Heart Style. Yoshin Ryu later evolved into Wado-Ryu but the fundamental yielding principles have still been preserved. The term Wado-ryu can be broken into three parts: Wa, do and ryu. Wa can be read to mean harmony.

What does wa mean in Japanese martial arts?

Wa can be read to mean harmony. Do is a Japanese term for way. ryu simply means style. Wa or harmony shouldn’t be interpreted as pacifism in any way. It is merely the acknowledgment that yielding is sometimes more effective than brute strength.

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