What is the name of the Fon of Bafut?

What is the name of the Fon of Bafut?

The Fon of Bafut is the fon or Mfor (traditional ruler) of the town of Bafut and its adjoining areas in the Northwest Province, Cameroon, which comprise the erstwhile Fondom of Bafut. At present, the Fon of Bafut is still a local ruler, but under the jurisdiction of the Government of Cameroon, and a board of Fons.

Who was the first Fon of Bafut?

From the reign of Firloo, the first Fon of Bafut, it has operated as a fondom or kingdom, using traditional power structures. Upon their arrival from Tikari at least 400 years ago, the Bafut people built the current “old palace” of Mbebeli, also known as Ntoh Firloo.

What is a Fon Cameroon?

A Fon is a chieftain or king of a region of Cameroon, especially among the Widikum, Tikar, and Bamiléké peoples of the Bamenda grass fields (the Northwest, West Region) and the Lebialem of the South West Region. Since Cameroon’s independence in 1961, the Fons are under the jurisdiction of the Government of Cameroon.

Where is Cameroon located on the map of Africa?


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Is polygamy legal in Cameroon?

Polygyny is legal in Cameroon, contracted frequently for reasons of both status and wealth. It has been reported that polygamy is most often found in rural areas of the country.

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