What is the rectus abdominis?

What is the rectus abdominis?

The rectus abdominis muscles are a pair of long, straight muscles that flex the spine and tighten the intra-abdominal wall. They arise from the symphysis pubis and the pubic crest and insert on the linea alba and at the fifth, sixth, and seventh costal cartilages.

What happens when the rectus abdominis muscle contracts?

Rectus abdominis is a long strap muscle that extends the entire length of the anterior abdominal wall lies close to the midline, it is an important postural and core muscle. With a fixed pelvis, contraction results in flexion of the lumbar spine. When the ribcage is fixed contraction results in a posterior pelvic tilt.

What exercise works the rectus abdominis?

1. Forearm Plank. The forearm plank is a staple in core workouts. Not only does it target the entire rectus abdominis, but it also challenges your entire core and several muscles in your upper body.

How can I reduce my rectus abdominis?

  1. Ab Crunch Machine. Major Muscle Group: Rectus abdominus.
  2. Bent-Knee Hip Raise. Major Muscle Group: Rectus abdominus This is like a reverse crunch but with a longer range of motion.
  3. Cable Crunch. Major Muscle Group: Rectus abdominus Kneel below a high pulley.
  4. Crunch — Legs on Exercise Ball.
  5. Abdominal Ball Crunch.

Why does my rectus abdominis hurt?

The most common cause of abdominal wall pain is nerve entrapment at the lateral border of the rectus muscle; this is known as anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome. 4,16 It is caused by compression of an anterior cutaneous nerve as it courses through the abdominal wall musculature and aponeuroses.

Can you pull your rectus abdominis?

Rectus abdominis muscle strains are common and debilitating injuries among competitive tennis players. Eccentric overload, followed by forced contraction of the non‐dominant rectus abdominis during the cocking phase of the service motion is the accepted injury mechanism.

What are the best exercises to build ab muscles?

Jumping rope or just jumping up and down is a good exercise for strengthening your ab muscles and getting rid of fat. Stand on one leg. When you balance yourself you use your core muscles like your abdominal and back muscles. Planks and push-up require you to use your ab muscles to stay in position.

What are the best exercises for abdominal muscles?

Bicycle exercise is the best abdominal muscle exercise to develop the ‘six pack’, and flatten the waist. For endurance training, plank exercises work great for the abdominal and the back muscles.

What are the 4 abdominal muscles?

The abdominal muscles are made up of four muscle groups. These muscles are the rectus abdominus , transversus abdominus, internal oblique, and external oblique muscles. This group of muscles helps to stabilize the trunk, provide organ stability, and assist in flexion and rotation of the trunk.

Which side does the superior rectus control?

Superior means “above” and rectus means “straight.”The superior rectus muscle is located on the top of the eye and it helps the eye look up, so the name is fitting. The superior oblique muscle is on the upper medial side of the eye. That means it is closer to the nose. The primary job of this muscle is to turn the eye inward.

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