What is the song at the end of descendants 2?

What is the song at the end of descendants 2?

You and Me
“You and Me” is a song that is featured in the Disney Channel Original film, Descendants 2. It is performed by Dove Cameron, Mitchell Hope, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, and Booboo Stewart and is served as the movie’s grand finale.

Why does Mal look different in descendants 2?

In the new flick, Mal (Cameron) rocks an entirely new look, and Cameron explains that her character’s changing tresses reflect her internal emotions. “At the beginning of the film, the blonde in Mal’s hair with purple tips symbolizes a stripping of her essence and a lack of emotional color,” the actress said.

Who is Jay’s mom in Descendants?

Evie (right) is played by newcomer Sofia Carson and is the daughter of the Evil Queen, played by Kathy Najimy (Hocus Pocus, Sister Act). Meet Jay and Carlos: Jay (left) is played by Booboo Stewart (X-Men Days of Future Past, Twilight) and is the son of Jafar, played by Maz Jobrani (The Interpreter).

How are the colon ascendens and colon descendens examined?

In this post we’re showing you the macroscopic examination of the colon ascendens and colon descendens after a tumour resection. The colon ascendens, part of the right side of colon transversum and 10 to 15 centimetres of the small intestine are removed → tissue to be examined by the pathologist.

Where does the descending colon and transverse colon come from?

Distal 1/3 of the transverse colon, descending colon and sigmoid colon – derived from the hindgut. As a general rule, midgut-derived structures are supplied by the superior mesenteric artery, and hindgut-derived structures by the inferior mesenteric artery.

Where does the sympathetic supply from the ascending colon come from?

Midgut-derived structures (ascending colon and proximal 2/3 of the transverse colon) receive their sympathetic, parasympathetic and sensory supply via nerves from the superior mesenteric plexus. Sympathetic innervation via the lumbar splanchnic nerves.

Where does the descending colon drain into the hepatic vein?

Descending colon – left colic vein, which drains into the inferior mesenteric vein. Sigmoid colon – drained by the sigmoid veins into the inferior mesenteric vein. The superior mesenteric and inferior mesenteric veins ultimately empty into the hepatic portal vein.

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