What is the summary of the Animal Farm?

What is the summary of the Animal Farm?

The book tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy. Ultimately, the rebellion is betrayed, and the farm ends up in a state as bad as it was before, under the dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon.

What happened at last in Animal Farm?

Napoleon seizes power by force and ends up exploiting the animals just as Farmer Jones had done. The novel ends with the pigs behaving and even dressing like the humans the animals tried to get rid of in the first place.

What does the last line of Animal Farm mean?

This last line brings together the ideas that the pigs, who were able to take over possession and control of Animal Farm (eventually renaming it Manor Farm) have abandoned the principles of Animalism and have become so like the animals’ previous oppressors, human beings, that the animals can no longer tell the …

What was George Orwell trying to say in Animal Farm?

Orwell’s main message in Animal Farm is that power corrupts, even when idealism is at play. The events of the story are an allegory for the Russian Revolution of 1917, where the bolsheviks overthrew the tsar in order to establish a communist regime.

Does Animal Farm have a good ending?

By the end of Animal Farm, pigs are walking on two legs, Seven Commandments have become one, and the pigs insist to the other humans that all they wanted all along was to “to live at peace and in normal business relations” (10.27).

What is the summary of the book Animal Farm?

Book Summary. One night, all the animals at Mr. Jones’ Manor Farm assemble in a barn to hear old Major, a pig, describe a dream he had about a world where all animals live free from the tyranny of their human masters. old Major dies soon after the meeting, but the animals — inspired by his philosophy of Animalism — plot a rebellion against Jones.

What does old major say at the meeting in Animal Farm?

At the meeting, Old Major describes a dream he had the previous night, in which the animals lived together without humans. He then launches into an impassioned speech. In the speech, he argues that humans are the enemies of all animals, and he urges the animals of the farm to organize and rebel against the humans.

What is the opening scene of Animal Farm?

The novel opens as Mr. Jones, the proprietor of Animal Farm, has returned home for the day. All of the animals convene in the barn in order to listen to Old Major, a prize boar, deliver a speech about his dream that Animal Farm can exist in prosperity without human rulership.

What happens at the end of Animal Farm?

Neighboring farmers are afraid that a similar overthrow could take place on their own farms. They band together with Mr. Jones to attack the farm with a gun. Snowball thinks quickly and organizes the animals into an ambush; they surprise the men and chase them off.

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