What kind of oil does a Mercury 115 4 stroke take?

What kind of oil does a Mercury 115 4 stroke take?

SAE 10W-30
This Mercury oil change kit contains Mercury SAE 10W-30 Marine Engine Oil which features high-tech, anti-wear additives to provide over 30% better camshaft wear protection and greater corrosion and oxidation protection.

How much oil does a Mercury 115 take?

4 Stroke Outboard Oil Capacity & Filter Chart

Model US Crankcase Capacity
115 FourStroke EFI, 1731cc, 1B366823-2B094995 5.28 QT. (169 oz.)
115 FourStroke 2B094998 and above 5.5 QT. (176 oz.)
150 FourStroke EFI, 1B905505 and up 6.34 QT. (211 oz.)
135 Verado 4 cylinder 6.34 QT. (211 oz.)

How much oil does a Mercury 4 stroke outboard take?

Remove the filler cap from the back of the powerhead, then fill the outboard with 3 quarts of Mercury 4-stroke marine engine oil and replace the filler cap.

How many quarts does a 115 4 stroke take?

The kit contains 4 quarts of Yamalube 4M 10W-30 oil, a genuine single oil filter, a single gasket, and drain seals.

Can you mix synthetic and regular oil?

The short answer is… yes. If you don’t have a choice, adding synthetic oil to regular oil can help you out in a pinch. Since motor oils are generally made from the same ingredients (base oil and additives), they are typically compatible when mixed.

Can you use synthetic oil in a Mercury outboard?

Marine engine manufacturers offer a choice of mineral-based and synthetic-blend or full synthetic oils. There have been a few engines, such as the first-generation Mercury Verado outboards, that required a specific synthetic-blend oil. In most cases, however, mineral-based oil is acceptable.

How much oil does a Mercury outboard take?

PRO TIP: The Mercury 20HP outboard engine takes 1.1 quarts of oil, so add 1 quart, replace the cap, and run the engine for a couple of minutes. When you run it, be sure to have water circulating through the engine as you would when you flush the engine out after use.

What is the best oil for a 4 stroke outboard motor?

FC-W FourStroke (25W-40) Oil 25W40 is recommended for all marine engines. Things to know about this oil: For use in all four-stroke marine engines. This oil is engineering approved for all marine four-stroke applications including outboard, MerCruiser, high performance, sterndrive/inboard.

What weight is lower unit oil?

You can use any brand of lubricant that has a grade designation of API GL5 SAE 80 or 90 weight. Make sure you do not mix different oil brands or weights. into the BOTTOM drain hole. Then slowly squeeze the bottle to force the oil into the lower unit.

How to change oil on a Mercury 75 / 90 / 115 HP EFI?

Mercury Oil Change Instructions for 4-Stroke 75/90/115 HP EFI. Tilt the outboard up to the trailer position. Turn the steering on the outboard so that the drain hole is facing downward. Remove the drain plug with an 18mm wrench and drain the engine oil into an appropriate container.

How to check the oil capacity of a Mercury MerCruiser?

Need a quick reference for your Mercruiser oil capacity? PartsVu’s Mercury Mercruiser Engine Oil Capacity Chart specifies oil capacity for your specific engine and serial number range. Simply select your engine family, then make sure you are reviewing the correct serial number range for the engine you own.

What kind of oil does a Mercury outboard use?

Genuine Mercury & Mercruiser parts. Mercury outboard, MerCruiser and Mercury Racing oil & lube charts Not sure what type of oil you need? See our Mercury Marine recommended engine oil chart

Do you need a Mercury 4 stroke oil change kit?

Ultimate Wear Protection – Utilizing the latest additive technology, Mercury oil offers 33% greater camshaft wear protection compared to other marine dealers’ products. This Mercury oil change kit contains all the items needed to change oil in select Mercury 4-Stroke Outboards: For use with engines serial numbers 2B094996 & up.

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