What music form is I walk the line?

What music form is I walk the line?

Country rockabilly
I Walk the Line

“I Walk the Line”
Released May 1, 1956
Recorded April 2, 1956, Sun Studio, Memphis, Tennessee
Genre Country rockabilly
Length 2:45

Who wrote the song Stand by your man?

Tammy Wynette
Billy Sherrill
Stand By Your Man/Composers
Essay by Cary O’Dell By the time she wrote “Stand By Your Man” (with music producer Billy Sherrill, reportedly in all of 15 minutes in an Epic records recording studio), Tammy Wynette had already had a slew of country hits.

How to play bass line walk from I Walk the line?

In this video you’ll learn how to play the bass line walk from “I Walk the Line” and then you’ll learn the easiest way to use the chord numbering system to change keys when you’re playing country music. Have fun! “For this type of Johnny Cash style country strumming, it helps to keep a relaxed grip on your pick.

What are the chords to walk the line by Johnny Cash?

Walk The Line Guitar Chord Chart By Johnny Cash. E A I keep a close watch on this heart of mine E A I keep my eyes wide open all the time D A I keep the ends out for the tie that binds E A

What’s the intro to I Walk the line?

If the quick “down up strums” that you see me playing in this “I Walk the Line” intro are too difficult for you right now, you could just play a single down strum instead of the “down-up” and that’ll sound great as well! If you have any questions about the intro or other parts of the song, you can send me a message over at Country Guitar Online.

Who is Devin from I Walk the line?

Devin is a country and bluegrass guitar player from Texas who simply learned the guitar by listening to country albums and watching people play on YouTube.

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